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Struttin’ Time:

The importance of making friends

I am back to the main road, the road to recovery. I have been sick, it seems for the longest time. I would get one thing under control, another would pop up.

I had to miss my friend, Raymond “Pap” Brown’s dove shoot, not because of my prostrate, but I had an ear infection. I am learning the human body is very fragile. I have gone my whole life blessed with good health until the finish line is in sight, now they are cropping up, often.

I leave for Maine in two days to hunt black bear with my friends Frank and Cathy Lawler, owners of Pine Grove Guide Service. I must pass this story along to you, it shows what Struttin’ Time is all about, making friends.

As Struttin’ Time readers know, I hunted with Pine Grove Guide Services last year, and took a nice Maine black bear. Before I left, I booked another hunt with them this year.

Frank sent me a trail cam picture of black bears working the feeders, the same feeders I had got my bear at last year. Three bears were there at the same feeder, same spot, same time as when I hunted last year. I told Frank to tie the biggest one up for me, about a 300-pound boar.

I was somewhat concerned, season opened on August 28 and I wasn’t hunting until September 11. That would mean two weeks other hunters would be at the spot before I could get there.

Now anyone with above a third-grade education knows, you can’t tie a full-grown 300-pound boar black bear up. So some of you anti’s that read Struttin’ Time, please stand down.

Well, Cathy, my guide, contacted me this week, and I voiced my concern. Cathy laughed and said, “Frank has put that feeder off limits to any hunting; he is saving it for you.” Cathy laughed and said, “He told me not to be sneaking around there, myself.”

My eyes filled with tears, my heart filled with pride, to think people who are 1500 miles away running a business would become my friends and do something like that for me.

As of Thursday of this week, there had been six black bears killed, and not a one from my feeder. That is what happens, when you really make a friend.

I will try and do a Struttin’ Time, next week from Maine, and give you a full report.

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