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Bringing seniors to rec center was a good thing


Brooke Hatton, the Letcher County Central High School Football Homecoming Queen, is escorted by Larry Hatton. Brooke Hatton, the Letcher County Central High School Football Homecoming Queen, is escorted by Larry Hatton. Mom and I have had a very busy and good schedule. Her health is a blessing from God. She is still able to run around with us girls and we surely enjoy being with her too.

Last week she was able to go to the Letcher County Recreation Center and work out four days. We also spent the mornings with the Letcher County Senior Citizens. We enjoy this so much. These are two of the best things Letcher County ever did. Thank you so much, Jim Ward and the other magistrates, that keep fighting to keep this place open.

The senior citizens that utilize the rec center are there almost every day and enjoy being able to keep active. My mom will be 87 this month and we try to be there at least three times a week. Others are there every weekday.

Mom rides a stationary bike for 30 minutes Most of the time her bike buddies are Billy Hatton and Earl Bone, and then I help her use the weight machines to strengthen her abs, legs, arms and back. She told one of her nieces Sunday that this is what keeps her so strong. And she’s not the only dedicated senior there.

Bringing the senior citizens to the rec center in my opinion was the best thing that could have happened for their physical wellbeing. As members of the Senior Citizens program, they are able to walk or use any of the equipment free. We are also allowed to bowl on Monday and Wednesday. And if that doesn’t interest you, we always have a jigsaw puzzle going and most of the time there are at least two Rook games going along with Phase 10 and other card games. Then, at 11:00 the lunch is catered from IGA at Isom and we know how delicious their food is. All they ask if a $1 donation for each meal. It’s a very nutritious meal.

I just don’t understand why more people don’t utilize this program. Mom gets to talk with lots of people from her church, Millstone Missionary Baptist, and there are others she has just met through this program. They also take field trips, such as August 16 they went to Hazard for a program called Senior Safe Day and ate lunch at Ponderosa. On September 13 there’s a shopping trip to Kingsport planned. They also have a dietician, Erin Gibson, who visits once a month.

Sorry about last week’s entry. It kind of got lost through all the email and I guess that’s what happens when you send it email instead of dropping it off at the Mountain Eagle office.

Just some quick updates on my aunt, Linda Hall. She is still in Pikeville Medical Center as of Saturday the 9th. They are planning on transferring her to Letcher Manor Rehab Department. Just keep her in your prayers.

I also saw Stanley Sexton this weekend and he said his mom, Imogene Sexton, has been sick and we need to pray for her. She has always been a good friend to Mom.

Wasn’t it wonderful about Oma’s great-granddaughter, Brooke Hatton, winning LCC Football Homecoming Queen? Congratulations to Brooke Hatton.

Larry sure looked proud on all those Facebook posts. The photo of them is one that was taken by Ernie Sexton of EastKY Photography. A lot of his work shows up on Facebook and lots of other places too. He and I went through school together, first at Colson Consolidated School and then Whitesburg High School.

This is what Sarah Hatton, Oma’s granddaughterin law, had to say about it:

“Larry has been very sick lately and was just released from the hospital a few days prior. Brooke was worried that he would not be able to walk her onto the field. She told him sadly that if he couldn’t do it she completely understood. He told her that if that was the last thing that he ever did he would be honored! I thought that was very sentimental. It’s been a very sad time in the Hatton family, losing Oma. But we all know that she is in Heaven with her loved ones now. She would have been so proud of Brooke and we know it would have been in the paper!”


Don’t forget how Oma would always end her column. Try to attend church Sunday morning and if your church has services Sunday night and during the week

Have any of you all ever heard of shape note singing? Did you know Whitesburg has a shape note singing? September 16 and October 7 from 2 to 5 at the Appalshop will be their next meetings. My baby sister, Delores Tacket Holbrook, has been doing this for a few months and she is absolutely loving it. If you need to know more about it, just find her on Facebook or you can type in Shape Note Singing and they have a Facebook page. You can also watch videos on YouTube and get a better idea of what it’s all about.

I also want to tell you all about our wonderful Labor Day weekend. First of all, we were able to go Saturday to the Breaks of the Mountain for part of their 67th Tri-State Gospel Singing. Although it was a rainy cold day the singing and praising God warmed us up tremendously. We heard a new group called Timber and Nails and if you get a chance to go hear them anywhere you better jump on it. You won’t regret is.

Believe it or not, they sang my song, Nothing But the Blood, and you talk about putting chills up and down your spine it surely did. We also heard our favorite group (other than The Master’s Harmony), the Primitive Quartet.

Then the second thing Mom and I, along with my sister Delores, did was attend the Pennington-Adams reunion Sunday after church. You talk about a good ole time, we sure had one. We got to see Mom’s sister Margie’s children: Shirley Sands, Faye and her husband Hugh Nelson, Sue and her husband Bob Hall, Pearl and her husband Doug Banks, Carolyn Joyce O’Grady, Larry Joe Adams, John Adams and his wife Debbie, and too many of their children to list. Mom’s sister Maizie’s daughter Lelah and some of her family almost missed it.

These are just some of the cousins we used to spend just about every Sunday with. After church Dad would take us to Mamaw Pennington’s house to eat Sunday dinner. Us cousins did more playing than we did eating though. Margie lived across the holler from Mamaw and the woods and barn and fodder shocks were our playground. There was never a dull moment there. I wish my grandchildren could have experiences like we did.

I also wanted to mention a few prayer requests this week. From our church Nancy Oakes always requests prayer for her brother in-law Ronnie Simpson and his daughter Heather and all her family. Our pastor Bill Jones and his wife Sandy need our continual prayers. Then don’t forget Mom’s baby sister Linda Joyce Hall. She is in Pikeville Medical Center. She had her little toe and half her middle toe removed August 21 and they were supposed to move her to Letcher Manor for rehab on the 28th but because her sodium levels were too high she hasn’t been transferred there yet. She is a diabetic and is slow to heal. She called me Monday and said they may move her Tuesday.

And so with this I will end by saying as Oma did, make sure you attend church Sunday, and if your church has services Sunday night or other nights of the week God would want you there then, too.

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