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A straight up warning to the junkie that robbed Lee’s Famous Recipe: My girlfriend works in that area, and if I ever catch you robbing any place I will not hold you until the police get there. I’m going to shoot you. You’re dead. You better get out and get yourself a job. Or just kill yourself now, scumbag.

. To the so-called drug dealer that didn’t know what ditto means: I just went over your head to the old grey-headed man that you go to, so ditto.

. I want know why two old men are allowed to deal pills in the Deane area every evening. This is Pill Hater of Letcher County.

. How appropriate, a picture of the heifer and her new barn with her associate.

. For the past three and one-half years, aluminum cans have been bringing only 40 cents a pound. What’s the deal? How come none of the places will raise the prices on aluminum?

. A tip of the hat to Jim Webb for having his radio program on Labor Day. It takes a real man to show up on Labor Day for a job that pays very little. Thank you, Jim.

. This is the other part of the Cinderella story: I went to the place where Cinderella worked years ago and realized that grocery store is closed down. I looked at where the video store was and it’s now a nail salon. I fell in love with her and pleaded my case to her and she sent me off for a long time. Then later on she linked up with me for probably the best times of my life. If she’s still out there I hope she will get in contact with me. I would love just to see her face and her beautiful smile.

. Jenkins, Kentucky has one of the best magistrates that’s ever been in this area. I’m talking about Mr. Wayne Fleming. He is the coon dog of all coon dogs. You put him on a problem, he’ll sniff it out. I now have a problem with two men tying up the walking trail on Pine Mountain. What I would like to know is why this is being allowed.

. I know of a city of more than 300,000 people where more than 80 percent of them do not pay any school tax and get free health care. If you think this is right, then go along with McConnell, the mainstream news media, and the Democrat Party, which wants to keep bringing people in and giving them everything for free.


Let’s kick the can down the road for six more months — the DREAM Act. Do you really think Congress can decide on this? Mr. President, you had the pen in your hand to sign those executive orders and get things ‘did.’ I don’t think Congress will make a decision. Come next March we’ll see. They’ll kick it on down the road another six months or a year. There are some college-educated people who shouldn’t be here. They shouldn’t have been educated with the money from American taxpayers. Let them set up their positions in Mexico where they belong. We know you’re doing the best you can to close our borders up, Mr. President, and we’re grateful for that.

. All of my life I have I heard girls and women talk about how devious boys and men are. I want to give you a little word of advice about women: I met up with a woman. I didn’t know she was married at the time, but her and her husband were having a little marital spat. Lo and behold, I crossed paths with her. She was a nice-looking younger girl and I showed her all kinds of attention. Things were going really well, I thought, and then all of a sudden she started pulling away. Soon she pulled completely away. I waited three or four months and saw her with a swollen belly. She claims the baby is not mine, but I know better. I am not going to push it because I don’t want to ruin this child’s life. I do hope the guy figures out what she did behind his back.

. How is it legal for them to make you the customer pay into a retirement fund for the employees of the electric company?

. I just can’t believe this needle exchange deal. There are sick people out here who need needles for the medicine they have to have to live. Now they’re going to give them to drug users. I just can’t see that.

. Hold your head high, Mr. President, you did the right thing by letting Congress help decide the situation with the illegal immigrants. It would be hard to send 800,000 people back across the border to nothing. Each one of them needs to be identified and each one of them needs to be able to produce for America. That’s not too much to ask.

. How easily the propagandists expect us to forget about all the teenagers and older who were able to hobo the trains coming here out of Mexico. Is it not coincidental that there were TV cameras on hand to catch the whole incident?


There must have been something wrong with my comment about the chicken chokers club over here on Linefork. I didn’t mean any harm; I was just trying to find out more about it. I might even want to join myself. I hear it’s just a bunch of old men with nothing better to do than to sit around and choke chickens.

. I would like to know what happened to all of the rock painting and hiding. It was a fun thing, but it didn’t last long.

Instead of spending $20,000 on a needle exchange for junkies to get more needles, how about buying rolling papers for all of us old burnouts?

. I wish Jim Ward would get off the government channel. He’s been blabbing for a good week on there.

I was just wondering when the people in the City of Jenkins are going to wake up and realize we cannot afford the Jenkins Independent School District anymore. Nine of 10 employees who work or teach in the system pay no taxes to the City of Jenkins or to the school district other than the occupational tax. We are just keeping a bunch of people up and giving them jobs. It is time we realize we can’t afford it anymore. We can’t even afford to pay the teachers. It’s time for a change. People, wake up. Thank you.

. I’ve never been into women with short hair, but there’s a tall woman in Whitesburg who has a chassis like a Corvette. I would like to tell her that I have been a mechanic and I could make the proper adjustments.

. The county judge in Floyd County is going to raise taxes on us, according to a local radio announcer. What the radio announcer doesn’t say is he’s not going to raise taxes on us poor and working people, he’s going raise taxes on the big corporations. The guy who was complaining has a lot of money and a lot of property.

. I was reading in The Mountain Eagle where Hatton and Turner were addressing the pension crisis in the state. Not one place in either one of their statements did they mention that Steve Beshear for eight years borrowed out of the pension fund to balance the budget. Hatton and Turner are typical politicians; they never tell the whole truth. They just want to say something that makes them look good.

. I’ve got some old books from 1936 with the fellow’s name carved in the books as Eugene Webb of Mayking. The books are kind of rough, but if you are interested in them please call 855-7565 and leave a message in case I’m not here.

. Jenkins Independent Schools may be having trouble with hiring teachers because of the administrative costs. If they have 500 students in the system the administrative cost per child is $1,341.54. Letcher County’s administrative cost per child is $455.35. It seems to me the instructional part should count for more than the administrative.

. Shame on the lady from Millstone out begging for money and going to the churches and asking people to donate for her sister and going to restaurants and buying food for herself. She is a con artist. She goes to the senior citizens gatherings and asks people on SSI for money. They should run her out of Millstone.


Being a lifelong resident of the City of Jenkins and having my children go to the Jenkins Independent School District, I remember that in 1968 that they voted in a tax on us to support the school system. The district is no longer an independent school system, but is a dependent school. It’s time to wake up and do something about this. We would like to pay the same school taxes as everybody else, because everybody else has the same benefits as we do. Thank you.

. It will soon be four years that they’ve nothing about the two men who allegedly killed that Hogg boy. I don’t believe they’re going to do anything.

. I would like to know whatever happened to the boy who beat up the water company man in Whitesburg — the same one that killed the turkeys on Thornton. Is he still locked up? He likes tackling older people who can’t give him a run for his money, but right here’s one who will take his money. If I cross paths with him he’s a whipped son of a gun.

. Brutal. That’s the only word I can think of to describe what I just saw on the KHSAA’s website when I checked in to see what my home county’s football teams did over the weekend. Together, the Jenkins Cavaliers and Letcher County Central Cougars have a record of zero wins against eight losses. Together, the Cavs and Cougars have scored 82 points while their opponents have scored 379 points. Where are all the big strong kids these days? On their couches playing video games instead of playing football?

. Some substance abuse counselors not only partake in recreational drug use, but they sell drugs too. I guess that’s one way for them double their income.

. I loved Forrest Gump and it’s funny to have an attorney general who talks like him. The big difference is that Forrest Gump had a heart.

. If 30 to 40 years after World War II, Nazis had started to rise again in Germany, laws against Jews were being passed, and statues were going up all over Germany to honor Hitler and his generals, and Nazi flags were flying, what would we have thought? That’s what happened here after the Civil War to destroy the United States of America to defend the right to keep slaves. Thirty to 40 years later saw the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, the passing of Jim Crow laws across the South and putting up all the statues to Confederate generals, and the reappearance of the Confederate flag. When civil rights laws were being passed in the 60’s the Confederate flag again became prominent, even flying over state capitals. That didn’t happen in Germany, because they did not want to honor the darkest period of their history or the men who took them there — even if their own fathers fought and died for the Nazi cause. It wasn’t a cause they wanted to honor. Today it is illegal to display the Nazi flag in Germany, so white supremacist groups in Germany display the Confederate flag as a good enough stand-in. Confederate statues in the courthouse square are not simply our history, they are who and what we choose to honor. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were leaders who founded our nation. Confederate leaders fought to destroy it. They may be our history, but why would we still honor that dark chapter? They belong in museums to remind us of our dark past so we don’t repeat it.


Millstone does not seem the same. There are a lot of jerks on the creek. I hate the people who live there now. I really don’t like what was brought in or moved there. Those people think they are better then most people, but they are the worst ones. Like I said earlier, the first chance I have I will move. It does not seem like the same place. The people are not for me.

To the children of Codell and Zola Gibson: Cousin Lula Mae would like information about the family reunion. Call 1-259- 1361, Richmond Ind.

. This is to the lady in Millstone: When are you ever going to stop begging for your sister and niece about sickness and cancer and surgery? You should have a fortune from begging. What are you going to do when you get down? Who will beg for you? They will laugh at you. You can’t go to church for begging for money. You can’t go to a funeral without begging for money. Everybody is talking about you, so please stop. You have bought a couch, water heater, new shirts, clothes, and go to Subway and Lee’s Chicken, and eat Mexican food every day, so where does this money come from? Sorry. Hope you have a good day and please stop. People love to laugh and talk.


I am writing to speak my peace. I am so glad that the American people finally came to their senses and elected for president Donald Trump. We the people sent him there. In the past eight years the Democrats almost destroyed our nation by their foolishness of global warming and their ungodly agendas and while the Democrats were trying to destroy us the spineless Republicans stood by and let it happen. We the American people are sick of both parties that have failed the American people. The best thing for Mitch McConnell and John McCain to do is get behind a real president that is for the people and not the ungodly Democrats or the low-life Republicans. We the people have made this nation great, not the foolish agendas of political parties. God has given this nation a chance to repent of all the ungodliness of the past eight years and we had better be doing so before God rains fire out of Heaven on the ungodly.

. The children of the late Allard and Anna Watts have not planned a reunion for Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Campbell’s Branch Linefork Community Center.

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