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Now Heres a Tip

• If you use cold water to clean all of your clothes, you’ll save about $40 a year in electricity costs. Your clothes will last longer too. And consider a clothesline for air-drying items like towels and sheets on nice days. That saves electricity as well.

• “I just filled a nick in my wood floor with a brown crayon. It totally works. I just rubbed it into the mark, and then used a soft rag to work it in. You can’t even tell where it was. I thank my dad for this tip.” — C.L. in Arizona

• “To see the numbers on my socket set, I used my wife’s red nail polish. I painted it over the numbers and then quickly used a tissue to wipe off the excess. The red color sunk into the indentations, making the numbers easier to read.” — E.L.D. in Indiana

• “To get my kids to do chores, I sometimes will leave the tasks I want done written on sticky notes. The kids have to complete the tasks and turn in the notes to me in order to get their allowances. Some money is just given, but more chores means more money. It motivates them to do more.” — L.P. in Florida

• You may have heard this before, but some people don’t believe it: Skip the fabric softener on your towels, because while it does make them soft and fluffy, it also takes away their efficiency at absorbing water over time. If your towels don’t dry like they used to, double wash them — one cycle with hot water and added baking soda (which also de-stinks them) followed by another hot water cycle with only vinegar. It’ll do the trick!

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