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RECAPS SEPT. 18 - 22

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — In spite of Steffy’s noble attempts to get her husband to reconcile with his father, Liam firmly stood his ground to not back down regarding Bill. Ridge and Quinn shared a tender moment as they disclose with each other the current state of their respective lives following their affair of the heart. Sheila applied pressure on Charlie to assist her in getting Quinn out of Eric’s life for good. Brooke questioned the foundation of her marriage to Bill. When learning that Sheila’s still in town, Quinn vowed to remedy that situation. Having been summoned by Liam to Spencer Publications, Wyatt confronted his brother about how he was able to obtain the title of CEO from their father. Annoyed by Wyatt’s line of questioning, Liam gave his brother the opportunity to stay and deal with the change or to leave the company altogether. Brooke turned to Ridge regarding her frustrations with Bill but refused to give him any details as to why she’s upset with her husband. Bill confessed to Steffy the collateral damage that has taken place due to his actions that are in addition to losing his company and his son. Sally and the Spectra group tour their offices to check out the recent renovations following the destructive fire. As CEO of Spencer Publications, Liam began to make changes within the company starting with the removal of “Skye.” Knowing that Justin still has his job, Bill discussed with his right-hand man whether he or Liam has his loyalty. Wanting to reunite the family, Steffy paid a visit to Brooke in an attempt to get her to forgive Bill and all of his misdeeds. As Sally thanked Liam for his generosity, Steffy was curious as to why there’s an exchange of gratitude. Wyatt and Justin discovered a piece of information regarding Liam’s business dealings with Sally and Spectra Fashions. While looking for his wife, Bill found Ridge who has a list of taunting questions regarding why Brooke’s so upset. An irate and confused Steffy interrogated Liam about getting into business with Sally. Liam didn’t think that his professional association with Sally is any of Steffy’s concern. RJ confronted Brooke about her marriage to Bill and if there happens to be any chance of their family reuniting with Ridge. Steffy wanted to make sure that her message to Sally about dealing with Liam was heard very loud and clear. Wyatt warned Liam that when their father finds out about his partnership with Sally and Spectra Fashions, he’s going to become infuriated to the point of seeking retribution.

THIS WEEK: Tired of Ridge’s jeering, Bill threatened Ridge to stay away from Brooke and out of their marriage. Coco unsuccessfully questioned Sally about the identity of the person who helped raise Spectra Fashions from the ashes.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Lucas poured his heart out to Will. Kate and Jennifer comforted each other over Lucas’ downward spiral. Abigail shared her empathy with Gabi over the tough spot she’s in regarding the double wedding. Sonny confided in Chad his conflicted feelings about Will. Nicole’s found herself drawn to Eric as they worked together at the Horton Center. Brady was furious when he learned Eric has feelings for Nicole. Chloe and Julie found themselves at odds. Abe began a search for a new Salem PD commissioner. Chloe and Julie formed an unlikely partnership. Lucas’s loved ones confronted him about his drinking. Brady stunned Eric with his demand. Nicole made a confession to Abe. Chloe warned Eric of the mistake she made. As candidates for the commissioner job, Hope and Rafe were put in a tricky position. Abigail threw Chad for a loop with her pre-wedding decision.

THIS WEEK: Sonny was disturbed by a dream he has about Will. Brady indicated to Sonny he might not be willing to give up the CEO position.

GENRRAL HOSPITAL — Franco was deceived. Griffin worried about Ava’s well-being. Anna’s determination grew. Sam grappled with a big decision. Curtis attempted to explain himself. Ava’s curiosity intensified. Lulu’s instincts were correct. Sonny was conflicted. Franco was furious. Liz was accosted. Lulu softened towards Valentin. Carly confronted Michael. Nelle received some unexpected advice. Kristina had second thoughts. Finn was reluctant. Ava got positive news. Lulu learned the truth about Ava. Valentin stayed two steps ahead. TJ called Jordan out. Sonny visited Sam. Elizabeth remained committed to Franco. Sam leaned on Alexis. Sonny and Carly put two-and-two together.

THIS WEEK: Michael made a bold move. Joss was put on the spot.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick confronted Victor about going behind his back and offering Noah business advice. Victor retaliated and told Nick that the franchise would be a failure without his help. Noah tried to smooth things over between them, but Victor gave Nick a thinly veiled threat and left. Later, Victor met with Victoria, and they decided to call a truce and move forward in their relationship. Nikki told Nick that Victor secretly visited Faith at camp and told her about her new living arrangements. Nick decided to tell Faith the truth about Victor kicking him off the ranch. Jack and Ashley were relived when Dina agreed to keep Graham away from any Jabot business. However, Dina continued to defend Graham and insisted that he has nothing to hide. Dina gave Ashley the key to Graham’s hotel suite and told her to look around for herself. Jack and Nikki were enjoying a night at the Abbott Cabin when Abby arrived hoping for some time alone. Abby was upset to find them together and accused Jack of trying to start a war with Victor. Abby stormed out, and Jack told Nikki to not be concerned with what anyone else thinks about their relationship. Meanwhile, someone was outside of the cabin capturing photos of them kissing. Billy and Phyllis worked out at the gym to blow off some steam. They agreed that talking about work doesn’t help their relationship, and they need to separate business from pleasure.

THIS WEEK: Lily admitted that she doesn’t know if she would ever forgive Cane for all of his lies. Cane fired back that he thinks that Lily’s trying to replace him with Jordan.

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