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Speak Your Piece

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We the people voted for Trump. The coward Republican Party needs to stand by Trump. The reason our nation has become so much stupidity is because the Democrats wanted to use Obama to destroy our nation and the Republicans have no backbone to stand against the Democrats’ stupidity. I voted for Trump, not the Republicans or the Democrats, because both parties have lost touch with the American people. You heathen politicians need to shut your mouth and let Trump make America great again for the American people. Jesus will soon return, stand with Israel.

. I just sat in a ‘drive through’ to drop off a prescription for my medicine for more than 10 minutes. Don’t you people understand the concept of drive through? I guess I’ll just have to go to a different pharmacy if the workers can’t bear to tell the customers about how a drive through works. I drop my scripts off and come back later and pick them up. Am I the only one who does what they’re supposed to do?

. The county or state needs to send workers up here on Craft’s Colly to get this building down before it falls and hurts somebody.

. I would like to know why in the world they are waiting the trial for the men accused of killing that Hogg boy. It will be four years this coming New Year.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: The Chinese are burning too much coal. It needs to stop. I’ve changed my mind on coal; I think maybe we should put the screws to China and tell them to stop burning coal. They are making the oceans rise and making their own people sick.

. I’m a little leery of the whitetail deer season with the blue tongue disease in Letcher County. Get out in the woods and you’ll smell them where they have died. They’re everywhere. I don’t think I’ll hunt this year to kill. I may go to my stand and see what comes through, but I don’t want to hurt the population any worse than it is.

. To all of you people who keep calling in to say that some god or goddess wanted Trump to be president : I recommend you start watching a real news program rather than your propaganda network. Then you’d know that Hillary won by almost three million votes. Trump only got 46% of the vote, meaning most voters wanted an adult to be president. Only the disastrous electoral college, obviously an instrument of Satan,

made Trump president. We didn’t have to worry about nuclear war or Nazis in the streets under our last president.

. As a young girl sat outside the school crying ‘please, God, stop the killing inside,’ a young man lay down beside her with a big hole in his side and said, ‘God’s not welcome inside.’ So, dear parents, when you send your kids off to school make sure you kiss them and tell them you love them, because God is not welcome inside. Thank you.

. A dad-burn football game has taken my bluegrass music show off WSGS in Hazard. I hope neither team wins.

. Come on, LCC, you needed to win against Pike Central, as it may have been the only chance we had to win this year.

. It looks like two of Letcher County’s finest employees have been caught growing pot. I cannot believe it. I am dumbfounded by both of them, especially her. I am calling on Judge Jim Ward, Deputy Judge Eddie Meade and all the magistrates to get on this pot-growing ring and do something about it.

. It made me sick when I saw on Facebook where a couple of local politicians — I saw Supreme Court Judge Sam Wright in one of them — posted photos of themselves donating about $50 worth of stuff for hurricane victims. When you give you give from the heart ; you don’t let people know who you are. It looks like these people just wanted to be seen. Few people do anything from the heart in this county. It makes me sick.

. The city is going to wear its backhoe out driving it around all the time.

. To County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: How long is it going to be before some of our laid off county workers are put back to work?

. I don’t like it when I see trash on our streets in Whitesburg. We need more trash cans put out when special events are taking place.

. Lord, please get Crybaby Hillary off my television.

. I think the Letcher County people need to be polled to see if they are happy with the bear population. Bears destroy vegetable gardens, apple trees and everything else. We don’t need bears in our back yards and on our back porches and roaming through our garbage. I don’t understand the concept of this, nor the elk

population. We have to put up with the elk but Letcher County residents cannot hunt them. It’s all a money racket. It’s a shame we can’t even raise a garden for the cockeyed elk and the stinking black bears.

. I would like to know where North Korea is getting the technology to build stealth missiles. It’s from either Iran, China or Russia. What’s America going to do about it?

. I would advise anybody and everybody to hook up on this city water. It doesn’t have any lizards in it or bullfrogs. And as deep as mine is buried it won’t freeze this winter. I think there should be a lottery every two weeks offering money back to new water customers. I think a lot of new people would sign up that way.

. I was at Walmart the other day and ran into a girl I went to school with — actually we once dated — and I couldn’t believe she let herself get in the shape she is now in. I looked at her and felt sorry, and then I realized I still had feelings for her. She came from Pine Creek and we once sat on the porch in a swing. That’s all I’m going to say about that, and I would love it if she responds in Speak Your Piece.

. It’s amazing how aluminum and aluminum cans stay the same price every year.

. Recently I was listening to NPR, which said the best place to live in terms of finding affordable property — where you can get the most bang for your buck — is now Galveston, Texas. I wonder what NPR now thinks of Galveston? I sure am glad I didn’t jump out of Kentucky and go to Texas.

. What’s on my mind is when are they going to stop taking down the Confederate statues. This isn’t right. This is history. I am not racist in any way. I would invite African-American people into my home and be happy to eat with them at my table, but I don’t owe them anything.

. I’m calling about the guys who are trying to claim they own the Pine Mountain Trail here in Jenkins — the same ones who are blocking the trail all the way from Raven Rock to Shelby Gap: Someone needs to step up against these people, because they are taking over. They’ve also got the other side of the mountain at Joe’s Branch blocked without having any right whatsoever. That was a public ballpark and now they’ve got us blocked out. These people need to be stopped.

. I am speaking directly to Magistrate Wayne Fleming: Wayne, we have always counted on you to help the public when you are needed. You are a good man and we need your help now with this Pine Mountain Trail being blocked illegally. Please help us, Wayne. We need you, buddy.

. Kentucky Power Company didn’t donate $6,000 toward helping advertise Gateway Industrial Park at Jenkins; it’s more like they took $6,000 from their customers who gave that money unwillingly.

. I just saw in The Mountain Eagle where they approved the needle exchange program. I am a diabetic and I have to buy

my needles. I was just wondering if I bring in my old needles if I can exchange them for money. Thank you.

. I was just thinking about these preachers who preach about paying tithes so much. They must not believe in fasting, because you can look at their bellies and tell they’ve never fasted a day in their life. They’re so fat they probably have get their wives to put their shoes on for them. I guarantee you they’ve not seen their knees in six months.

. I would like to know what the school system did with all the money — about $500,000? — it got from selling the old high school to Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation.

. I believe it was Hillary Clinton who said we owe the ‘Dreamers.’ What do we owe them for — the health care we give them, the free education we give them, the free lunches and all the other amenities we hand out to them?

. I think it’s a very dark thing when, as it says on the front page of the September 13 edition of The Mountain Eagle, ‘Needle exchange clears final hurdle with vote’ under a story headlined ‘Letcher Schools facing additional loss of $806,000 after tax decision.’ So it’s more important to give an addict a needle than it is to educate a child? What is this world coming to?

. To a certain person: I might be big old man and I don’t know if I can pull logs out of the hills like a skidder or not, but I’ll bet you one thing: I can bust your nose if I find out who you are.

. Don’t overlook how good your local paper is. Take the inside section, for instance. They could have just put that stuff in without paying it much attention, but no, they thought about it. Look at the headline: ‘Show sparks interest.’ Sounds plain, right? No, look at the picture with sparks flying everywhere. You think that’s easy? It’s not. It takes ingenuity, vocabulary, and a lot of time and effort and learning. We should say hooray to our local paper. Thanks, guys. Well done. (Thank you for the compliment.)

. For a quick minute let’s do some counting about the cannabis raids at Pine Creek and surrounding areas early in September. One lady watching along with me — she is not pro-pot like me — estimated the money being spent, starting with the time-and-a-half pay for the police officers and helicopter pilots on Labor Day. Then I told her she should factor in the hazardous duty pay for the large number of state police officers, who looked like a team of ants sent in on hollow. The nice lady also noted all of the large vehicles that were never turned off. From what I heard, what they got was mostly personal plots of two or three plants. According to this woman’s estimation, it cost the state’s taxpayers at least $15,000 to $20,000 to find and destroy a few marijuana plants on Pine Creek. She was happy to see them cut down no matter the cost. To me it’s a waste of tax dollars, especially when pot is legal in so many parts of the United States. Shouldn’t this money be spent fighting problem deadly drugs such as heroin and meth? No wonder we’re losing the war on meth and heroin.

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