2017-09-20 / Sports

Gabby’s fishing fever

Now’s the time for top water baits

Now is a pretty good time to top water fish for bass. The weather is still nice and warm, but it has cooled down a few degrees and sometimes that is all it takes to turn the bass on to a top water bite.

As the weather cools way on down in the next couple months, the top water bite will be very good. But that is a while off. For now just look for times of overcast weather or early or late, during a pop up rain or at night to do the best top water fishing.

Bass will be more active and will respond to a bait moving through the water and will follow it more and be more liable to strike it. This gives the angler a better chance to catch more bass.

There are several styles of top water lures like chuggers, poppers, frogs, floating worms and the old reliable buzz baits. All these baits in some way disturb the surface or make a sound that attract active bass like no other bait. If any angler has ever seen a big bass blow up on a top water bait and knock it up in the air, then you will understand what I am talking about. It will make your heart go weak.

When fishing a chugger or popper-style bait, make your cast past the surface area that the bass are working and start working the bait back with a series of twitches and jerks to make the bait look like a struggling bait fish. Keep doing this all the way to the boat and pause every now and then to change the look of the bait. Most of the time a bass will strike it when you start moving the bait again.

If you fishing a buzz bait, make your cast and as soon as the bait hits the water start your retrieve to get the blades turning and vary your retrieve slow to fast with pauses just keep it moving enough to keep it on the surface.

As the water temperatures cool on down the top water action will just get better and better. So be ready for some great fishing this fall.

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