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Now Here's a Tip

• If your hot pad gets wet, do not use it. Wet fabrics transfer heat easily, and you could end up with a nasty steam burn.

• Kids love their sports, and here are a couple of tips from a seasoned coach: “Have one bag per sport if you are playing multiple sports; make sure each bag is stocked with all the items you’ll need to practice effectively. If you wear gear that collects sweat (football or hockey pads and other safety gear), be sure to spray it with a disinfectant/ deodorizer after each use and hang it to dry between uses.” — Coach P. in North Carolina

• “A great way to use smaller pumpkins for outdoor decorations for Halloween is to get a small one for each letter in your family’s last name. Carve one letter into each pumpkin. Set them up with candles and line them up in front of your house. Then, you can light them and make a fun message. Also, you could use Halloween-themed words, like ‘Boo’ and ‘Spooky,’ etc.” —‚ V.S. in Wisconsin

• Here are two tailgating tips: Designate a cooler just for kids with appropriate beverages and small snacks. Also, use colored chalk to create a “don’t pass” line around the grill area.

• To eat a healthier meal, start by filling half your plate with veggies. Limit starches to a quarter of your plate and protein sources to the other quarter. Begin and end with a glass of water. That’s a great start!

• If you haven’t already, find out if your routine utility services and banking have electronic statements. You can save yourself the trouble of filing and storing all that paper, which you likely won’t need. Electronic statements can be saved on a portable drive, accessed anytime and printed out only when necessary.

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