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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge was pleasantly surprised when Eric approached him with a solemn and sincere regret over their last conversation regarding their relationship. Wyatt and Katie took a break from their romantic evening to divulge to each other the latest gossip from their respective families. Bill made a passionate plea to Brooke for her to forgive him for his misgivings so that they might repair the foundation to their damaged marriage. Brooke expressed to Bill her fears and concerns regarding their future together. Steffy and Ridge compared notes on the facts that they each know surrounding the separation of Brooke and Bill. Brooke was very careful with her words when she explained to her family why she decided to end her marriage to Bill. Furious from losing Brooke, Bill paid an angered visit to Liam to assure him that Spencer Publications would soon be back under the original leadership. Ridge was confident that, in time, he and Brooke would reunite. As Wyatt attempted to put together the clues that point towards Bill being associated with the Spectra fire, Katie subtly hinted that his suspicion is correct. As Sally showed him around the newly renovated Spectra Fashions offices, Liam surprised her with something that would assist her with the rebuild. Wanting to resolve the issues within the Spencer family, Steffy promised Bill that she would have a heart-to-heart discussion with Liam about a solution. When Wyatt confronted his father about the fire, Bill confessed and admitted to being blackmailed by Liam. Brooke became emotional when she learned that her family had all of her belongings brought back from Bill’s house and moved back into her own home. When Bill and Liam’s peace talks fell short, Steffy reminded her husband about what could happen to the Spencer family if he and his father do not reconcile. On behalf of Bill, Wyatt confronted Liam about blackmailing their father and ousting him from his own company. In return, Liam had some incriminating information for Wyatt about Bill’s further misdeeds. As Wyatt warned his brother about going up against Bill, Liam surprised him with a tempting offer that would further upset their father.

THIS WEEK: Ridge not so subtly implied to Brooke that he plans on spending much more time with her. Steffy and Bill shared a deep understanding of each other as she lent a compassionate ear to his troubles and offered her assistance in solving them.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sonny had a painfully honest discussion with Paul about Will. Hope and Rafe learned they both expressed interest in the commissioner job. Eli ran into someone from his past. Bonnie tried to seduce Victor. Nicole told Brady that Eric left Salem. Marlena visited Eric and questioned him about his feelings for Nicole. Chad and Abigail desperately tried to track down Dario. Bonnie got major dirt on Victor. Andre threw Chad an unusual bachelor party. At Abigail’s bachelorette party, Kayla and Hope confided in one another about their respective relationships. Justin gave Abigail good news. Paul got propositioned at his bachelor party. The day of the double wedding had finally arrived. Andre and Kate set new ground rules for their fake marriage. Abigail got ready at the church with Jennifer and JJ. Paul asked John and Marlena for advice about his vows. A mysterious figure escaped from Bayview. The double wedding of Abigail/ Chad and Sonny/Paul was in peril.

THIS WEEK: Julie gave Doug a romantic surprise. Gabi struggled with her recent heartbreak.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava faced a moral dilemma. Franco was asked to keep a secret. Griffin grew frustrated with Valentin. Nelle found Michael’s gesture unnerving. Carly could not help herself. Ava was propositioned. Griffin made his intentions known. Sonny had a task for Brick. Franco confided in Scott. Maxie put Nathan’s mind at ease. Carly had mixed feelings. Bobbie extended an olive branch. Nelle and Michael celebrated. Nathan comforted Amy. Anna wasn’t convinced. Carly and Micheal were at odds. Nelle was ambushed.

THIS WEEK: Sam raised her concerns. Dillon felt threatened.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the Underground, Scott told Sharon that Natalia is a prostitute who knows Crystal. Sharon and Tessa cornered Natalia in the restroom and pressed her for info about Crystal. Natalia admitted to knowing Crystal and told Tessa and Sharon that Crystal was sent away. Tessa gave Natalia her contact info and asked her to contact her should she hear from Crystal. Victor received the photos that Graham sent (of Jack and Nikki) and showed them to Abby. Victor texted a photo to Nikki. Nikki arrived at the ranch and told Victor to stay out of her life. Victor informed her that he isn’t responsible for the photos and handed her the envelope with Dina’s return address. Victor also emailed the photos to Jack. At Brash & Sassy, Billy arrived with a flash drive containing Jabot’s R&D files that he downloaded from Phyllis’ laptop. Victoria was thrilled that Billy’s willing to sacrifice his relationship with Phyllis for her. They discovered a file detailing plans for Jabot to relaunch Jabot Junior, so they started brainstorming ideas to combat Jabot. Victoria admitted to Billy that she thinks Phyllis is working with Jack to sabotage Brash & Sassy. Jack confronted Dina about the photos. Dina covered for Graham and accepted responsibility for sending the photos. Dina defended her actions and told Jack that a relationship with Nikki is a bad idea. A furious Jack left and filled Ashley in on Dina’s actions. Victor offered Victoria a line of skincare products that he secretly developed. Victoria accused Victor of using her to get revenge against Jack. Victor insisted he motives are pure, so Victoria accepted his offer. Alice updated Zack on Natalia’s success and asked Zack about Crystal. Zack insisted that it’s too soon for Crystal to come back to town. Natalia was upset when Zack refused to pay her as promised.

THIS WEEK: Lily admitted that even though he hurt her, she still loves him but she’s not sure that she could make their marriage work. Later, at the GCAC, Juliet found Cane at the bar drinking and did her best to comfort him.

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