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Hard to believe summer is over


Bobby and Della Howard Pennington are shown with their children (from left) David, James, and Kim Bobby and Della Howard Pennington are shown with their children (from left) David, James, and Kim Once again I’m asking for your prayers for my mother in-law, Evelyn Mullins Yonts. She was able to come home Saturday but she is still very weak. The pneumonia is almost cleared up but her lack of strength is the problem now.

Also my aunt, Linda Hall, is very sick to her stomach and has no appetite besides the problem with her right foot. She was in the nursing home for rehab but went to the doctor today to check her foot and my sister Charlene has just let me know they have sent her to the emergency room there in Pikeville and they are having a hard time getting an IV started because she is so dehydrated. So, I’m sure she would appreciate all the prayers she can get.

We have had beautiful weather this past week. You couldn’t have asked for prettier weather for the Mountain Heritage activities. The senior citizens enjoyed going downtown Whitesburg for the festivities and had a wonderful time.

Pictured are Pearl Noble, Maizie Adams, and Dorothy Tacket. Pictured are Pearl Noble, Maizie Adams, and Dorothy Tacket. It’s hard to believe the trees are already changing color here in Letcher County. Sycamores are even losing their leaves already and are making a beautiful fall picture on the ground and roads around here. Lots of trees like the oak and buckeye are also dropping their nuts. Our garden is all finished except for the peppers and gourds. If anybody would like some jalapeño, ghost, or Carolina reaper just let me know. We love the cooler weather but wish it could just stay this temperature and not get freezing cold. Hard to believe another summer has ended.


Mom will be 87 years old the 29th of this month, so if you see her out and about that day just make sure you wish her a happy birthday. Thank you so much to all the people at the rec center that make her feel like she is the queen of Letcher County.

Irene Banks is a daily walker. I should say she’s a speed walker who looks for Mom and loves to talk with her and get her daily hug. She is Billy K. Banks’s wife.

Those of you that were at Whitesburg High School should remember him, especially if you were there in the 70’s as I was. Billy is not in good health and needs our prayers.

Charles Noble is another rec center regular. He was married to Mom’s sister, Pearl Pennington Noble, and they were always there bright and early fellowshipping with all the others and exercising. She passed away last November and it has been so hard on all of us losing her. All her nieces and nephews called her Auntie Pearl and even our children and grandchildren called her that too. She would always pass out Werther’s sugarfree caramels to everyone and my youngest granddaughter, Story Eliza Hampton, called it Auntie Pearl candy.

For those of you who don’t already know, one of my sisters is Charlene Tacket Mason. She and her husband, Rick Mason, have owned the Copper Comb for more years than I can remember. She is also a member of the gospel group The Master’s Harmony, along with Ronnie Maggard and Ray Smith. They have been singing together for many years, again more than I can remember. This coming Sunday morning, Oct. 1, they will be singing at Ferbies Chapel in Pound, Va. The next Sunday morning, Oct. 8, they’re singing at Hopkins Chapel in Norton, Va. This will be their homecoming service.

For five or six years we have been going to the Women’s Breakfast held at Little Colly Baptist Church and it’s coming up again on Oct. 7. If you are through that way then please stop in.

The men do the cooking and the women surely do enjoy the being waited on and the eating. It’s good old Southern breakfast cooking and fellowship. The pastor and his wife are Buford and Tina Combs, and they are two of the nicest people you could meet. They also are smitten with Mommy.

We will be sorry to see Cathy Ingram retire Friday. She is the director of the Senior Citizens Program. What little time Mom and I have been members we have gotten attached to her so I can’t imagine how some of the others feel about her leaving.

I learned today she started working for the program as soon as she graduated from high school. We will miss her but I’m sure she will enjoy her retirement as much as I enjoy mine.

Speaking of the senior citizens, one of Mom’s good friends, Lizzie Mae Wright, has been back after having surgery. She had to stay in rehab at Letcher Manor for a while after but has been home now for a while. Mom loves listening to her tales of when she and her husband first married and were raising their family. I do too. My generation has no idea of what they had to go through to just make ends meet. No wonder they are tough as pine knots.

I saw lots of good pictures of the Mountain Heritage Parade on Facebook from EK Photography. They make you feel like you were actually there. If you get a chance, check out his website.

I’ll end for now by saying as Oma always did, try your best to attend church this Sunday and if your church has services Sunday evening or other times during the week God would want you there then too.

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