2017-09-27 / Front Page

Whitesburg’s oldest resident is now 100

Carrie Bates, who is believed to be the oldest resident living in the City of Whitesburg, was honored for her contributions to life in Letcher County during a ceremony Saturday before the Mountain Heritage Festival Parade. Speaking at the kickoff to the annual Mountain Festival Parade, Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft noted that Bates was born in Thornton July 29, 1917, one of nine children born to Hass and Millie Bates.

She worked for Pigman Brothers Cleaners in Whitesburg for 54 years and was the first resident of the Whitesburg Housing Authority, moving into the facility in 1965. “If you’re here in the crowd and are over 40 years old, chances are she pressed your pants, ironed your shirt or your prom dress,” Craft told the audience. Craft also noted that Bates has lived through World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and the Korean War.

“She witnessed the advent of electricity to your home, the telephone, radio, TV, motor vehicle travel, airplane travel, the Internet, the development of penicillin, open heart surgery. Just imagine her seeing and living through all of that,” Craft said before presenting Bates with 12 long-stemmed roses. Driving Bates through the parade was Fred Adams. (Photo by Chris Anderson)

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