2017-09-27 / News

Police locate electric meter like one stolen in Millstone

A thief stole the electric meter and a power disconnect box from the side of a church at Millstone last week.

Deputy Sheriff Eugene Slone of the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department said neighbors noticed the power had gone off at the Millstone Missionary Baptist Church about 10 a.m., September 20, and called a deacon to come check on it. When he arrived, he found that someone had taken the electric meter and the cover from the side of the building.

The deacon notified Kentucky State Police, who opened a case, but then on Friday, some people coming to walk at the church found a suspicious vehicle with a woman and child in it sitting in the parking lot, and a man who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs bending over the air conditioning units behind the church. The women snapped a picture of the car and license place and the man, but he left before police could arrive.

A deacon checked the area and found an electrical disconnect box for the air conditioning unit was gone.

The sheriff ’s department went to the home of the person to whom the car was registered and obtained consent to search, Slone said. Deputies found an electric meter in the closet. The person whose picture was taken at the church had been staying with the homeowner, Slone said.

Charges have not yet been filed. Slone said police are waiting for Kentucky Power Company to identify it as the meter that was stolen. Slone did not know what the man intended to do with the meter.

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