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Nows Heres a Tip

• Use Lego people to hold your charging cables when not in use. Their hands are the perfect size to hold cords, and you can stick the figures to a small Lego base that’s secured to whatever is convenient — a table edge, your night stand or even the wall itself — with some double-faced tape.

• “New shoes too tight? Wear a pair of thick socks, and slip your shoes on. Run a hair dryer over the areas where it’s too tight, and the heat will help those spots expand. Test in an inconspicuous area first if you are unsure that the fabric can take the heat!” — C.W. in Oregon

• Got your cellphone wet? Try the rice trick first. Power down if possible and remove the protective cover, then fill a zipper-top plastic baggie with plain uncooked rice. Insert your phone and seal the bag, making sure that all parts of the phone are surrounded by the rice. Let it sit for 12 hours so the rice can draw the moisture from your device. Then try to power up.

• “Want to seal your sugar bag (or any all-plastic bag)? Fold over the top at least an inch, and cover the fold with a strip of aluminum foil — both sides. Lay the bag on its side. Iron the fold, which is trapped inside the foil. It melts the plastic inside. Let cool and remove the foil.” — R.Y. in Kentucky

• Need to get into a crevice for cleaning? Position a condiment cap (the ones that come with a squirt bottle) on the hose of a vacuum. Now you can get the crumbs in a keyboard or that little spot under the fridge, etc.

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