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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn returned to work at Forrester Creations hoping to have all of her problems with Sheila very far behind her. Sheila found herself a job at Il Giardino so that she could remain in Los Angeles and keep her eye on her beloved Eric. Needing some extra assistance taking care of the day-to-day duties at the Forrester mansion, Eric hired an estate manager, Mateo. While on a lunch date, a private moment between Katie and Wyatt was witnessed. When Sheila learned about Mateo, she concocted a plan that she feels would put a major wrench in Quinn and Eric’s marriage. Eric found himself in an awkward situation when he walked in on an intimate encounter between Wyatt and Katie. Knowing how his mother feels about Katie, Wyatt feared that Eric would tell Quinn about his secret affair. Shelia made Mateo an offer that he could not refuse. Brooke felt a bit torn between her feelings for the two great loves in her life when Steffy informed her of the conversations she shared with both Bill and Ridge. Bill barged into Ridge’s office uninvited to issue a stern warning to respect his marriage to Brooke while attempting to resolve their differences. Ridge interrogated Bill about the true reason why Brooke left in him the first place. Liam surprised Sally with a trip to San Francisco to meet with renowned architects who could refurbish Spectra Fashions. Liam informed a concerned Steffy that his business decisions at Spencer Publication do not concern her. Steffy played devil’s advocate with Liam as she attempted to dissuade him from his affiliation with Sally. In spite of her growing feelings for him, Sally disregarded Shirley’s insistence that she pursue a very married Liam. While checking in on his father’s welfare, Wyatt discovered Bill destroying documents that could incriminate him of several illegal business affairs. Bill had a whole new appreciation for Steffy and now sees her in a completely differently light following their frank conversation about Liam.

THIS WEEK: Taking Steffy’s advice, Sally attempted to back out of the trip to San Francisco with Liam. Wyatt confided in Katie his concern regarding the ramifications Liam might face by crossing Bill and his obsession with ruining Spectra Fashions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — The mystery guest interrupted the double wedding. Salem was rocked by a stunning revelation. Abigail took matters into her own hands. The mystery guest stonewalled Sonny. Paul received disappointing news. JJ was pushed to the edge. Abe named the new police commissioner. One couple finally tied the knot. JJ faced serious consequences for his actions. Hope and Rafe worked together to uncover the truth. Paul came up with a way for Sonny to get answers. Lucas received shocking news. Brady numbed his guilt by sneaking a shot. Justin informed Sonny and Paul about a legal issue. Eli and Gabi shared a kiss. Chloe dropped a bombshell on Nicole about Eric. Sonny and Brady demanded Victor make a hard decision.

THIS WEEK: Marlena was recruited to get answers. Chad and Abigail had a romantic night.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava sabotaged herself. Griffin extended his kindness. Franco was asked to explain himself. Michael confronted Nelle. Alexis was annoyed with Sam. Ava’s future was threatened. Nina got an extravagant gift. Sam enjoyed a moment of happiness. Valentin wanted to leave his past in the past. Anna and Finn worked together. Ava was in shock. Griffin had some explaining to do. Anna let her guard down. Finn’s anger surfaced. Valentin got a curious phone call. Sonny visited Carly. Griffin skirted the truth. Stella had news for Curtis. Maxie and Amy bonded. Josslyn wanted to help. An old foe of Nikolas surfaced. Valentin was called away. Griffin felt remorseful.

THIS WEEK: Carly apologized. Nina had a job for Nelle.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Cane saw Jordan at the gym and accused Jordan of moving in on Lily. Cane was even angry when Jordan refused to engage in an argument and walked off. Lily saw through Hilary’s plan to keep Lily away from Jordan and advised Hilary to mind her own business. Later, Lily met with Michael who advised her to think carefully before making any big decisions about her marriage. Kevin ran into Devon at the Coffeehouse. Devon told Kevin how happy he is with Mariah. Devon noticed Kevin’s lack of enthusiasm and asked Kevin why he doesn’t seem happy for them. Devon asked Kevin if he’s uncomfortable because he has feelings for Mariah. Kevin denied that he has any feelings for Mariah, but Devon’s still suspicious. At the GCAC, Zack called Alice and was agitated that he could not reach her. Abby arrived and told Zack that she wanted to discuss marketing for their app. Zack snapped at her prompting Abby to question his odd behavior. Billy continued to use Phyllis’ computer to access Jabot’s database despite Victoria’s concerns that they have taken things too far. Jack told Ashley that she has been named Innovator of the Year from the Cosmetics Industry.

THIS WEEK: Jack and Ashley shared a warm moment when they discussed how proud John would be of Ashley. Jack asked Ashley to visit Billy at Brash & Sassy and used the opportunity to snoop around their lab.

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