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Speak Your Piece

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Mr. President, Mitch Mc- Connell cannot get this job done that’s been promised to America. Fire him, if that’s possible. And as for America building Puerto Rico back and all these other countries, hell, we feel sorry for them and we’ll give them aid, but it’s not our job to build that country back. Your platform was ‘Make America Great Again.’ (Given the United States of America has owned Puerto Rico since 1900, its people are U.S. citizens, and its current head of state is President Donald Trump, how could it not be ‘our job to build that country back?’)

. Since the county is broke and they have no one to maintain the parks, why are the magistrates not out cutting the grass instead of the taxpayers? Their salary is still being paid, so it’s only fair that they take one or two days of the month and cut the grass of the parks in their districts. It’s time they do something to earn their salary. It’s nice that the individual citizens are stepping up to the plate, but I’d like to see a magistrate step up every now and again.

. Jim Webb is one year to the day older than me, and I think it’s a shame that people throw out garbage beside the road for us old people to have to pick up. Stop doing that, people.

. I don’t know about everyone else, but Monday left me wishing that Donald Trump was correct and the news really is fake. First we are hit with the true facts that 59 people were killed and more than 500 others were injured by a maniac shooting his arsenal of automatic weapons at a country music concert crowd in Las Vegas. If that wasn’t enough, we got the double gut punch with the news that the great rocker Tom Petty died of a heart attack at age 66. What an awful and dark day October 2, 2017 turned out to be.

. This is what I saw at the Mountain Heritage Festival this year. At the parade I saw one candidate for sheriff show his true colors. After the parade we walked through the tent and saw a candidate for clerk jump onto a man who had his son or grandson by the hand. The candidate was scaring the little boy so bad he was shaking. So that shows my family what kind of men these two are. We don’t need people like them in office. Let’s drain the swamp. Wake up, Letcher County.

. All of my life I have been told that men are lowlifes, but I’ve got a new perspective in my life and it’s toward women. Men, just because you’re married or just because you just had a baby with her, that doesn’t mean she isn’t cheating. I was at the walking track last Tuesday night and witnessed a certain girl with a new baby

and another child hook up with another woman. It’s bad enough to lose your woman, but to lose her to another woman? What are you doing wrong? It’s a sad situation.

. I have learned the best way to make your bowels move is to sit down on the throne of your choice and to read The Mountain Eagle front to back. The only side effect is numbness in your legs, but it goes away after you stand up for a minute.

. You can be sure the liberals will take advantage of the Las Vegas massacre to try to make sure such a thing will never happen again. But rest easy; the Republicans have the White House and both chambers of Congress, so they’ll make sure it can happen again.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: The NFL controversy and what the players are doing is all wrong. They need to be giving hell to the police who kill black people and the juries that free murdering police. They’re the problem; give them hell. I will say that some of the police shootings were justified, but not many.

. To a certain person: I just wanted you to know that I don’t care what you think of me, so you can keep your opinions to yourself because I just don’t care.

. Concerning these football players protesting the national anthem by kneeling down, I would bet you a thousand dollars against a donut hole that 99.9 percent have never seen the Arlington National Cemetery. The people buried there laid their lives on the line so others could gripe and complain and get away with it. And to Steve Kerr, the NBA coach who said he doesn’t know much about the Vietnam War: Well you should. You’re supposed to be educated. There’s a wall in Washington, D.C., with the names of 58,318 U.S. soldiers killed in that war. They were real men who put their life on the line with no hesitation and gave it all for this country. It’s a shame and insult to disgrace them.

. I voted for Rand Paul twice and I will not vote for him again as long as I live.

. I am a Vietnam veteran. More than 58,318-plus military personnel came back to this country in a box draped by the flag of the United States. If anyone that can stand and will not stand when the national anthem is played or the flag is displayed, not only is he a S.O.B., he is also guilty of treasonous acts against the people of this country. Thank you.

. Only in America could an administration whose members use private e-mail for public business demonize a woman for having

done the same thing so they could win an election.

. This is to the idiot who asked the men in the helicopter for a receipt for the marijuana they took from him: Only in Kentucky, man, only in Kentucky.

. Thanks to the helicopters for taking the marijuana plants out of the Mayking area. Now instead of the people sitting around and smoking a joint and going on to spend time with their families, they’ll be out here looking for meth and stuff like that. It’s nothing our own community cops didn’t know about, because the one man had them planted right beside the road. They didn’t figure it was worth getting.

. Thanks to Jim Webb for picking up litter at the overlooks on Pine Mountain. He does a lot to help promote tourism in Letcher County.

. Our conservative Republican senators want to cut off healthcare for workers. They say they should pay their own medical bills.

. Here is one way to tell when someone is lying to you: They say that NFL players are taking knees to disrespect our country and its flag. The truth is that they are protesting police killing black people for nothing. How could anyone not be against that? Two thirds of NFL players are black. The other third are their friends. So, whenever someone is dishonest about this you should also wonder about everything else they say.

. We used to get a friendly reminder from the state about our driver’s license needing to be renewed, but that practice was discontinued by our current governor as a cost-saving measure. However, he never told anybody and my granddaughter and other family members had expired licenses because they didn’t get a notice.

. To the man who responded about working while drawing Social Security Disability pay by threatening to bust someone’s nose: You should not be drawing SSI while working on the side. When I hand deliver a video of you working to the Social Security board we’ll see what you do then, old pal. And another thing: You couldn’t bust your own nose.

. To the person who wanted to know how long it’s going to be before the laid-off county workers are going to be put back to work: Well, they’re not going to tell you the truth, but I will. You’re not going back to work. You’re out of a job. They will look you right in the eye and lie, but you’ve got the chance to make a difference. When the next election comes around, remember all of these lies.

. The Republicans don’t worry about the working class or the middle class; they worry about the rich people. They don’t worry about the backbone of America — the people who build the houses and provide the electricity. They worry about the rich people instead.

. I saw on the TV news where this woman wanted out of prison so she could move to Louisville and marry a man. This is after she killed her stepchild by choking him to death and burning him. I think the woman should stay in the penitentiary until she dies.

. So, I had to make an appointment with the ARH cardiology department. I called to make an appointment and they set one up for about a month down the road. So life happens and I forget my appointment and I miss it. Two or three days later, they have sent me a letter through the U.S. Mail saying I had missed my appointment and instructing me to call the next time and let them know if I am going

to miss so that someone else can see the doctor. So they go to all this trouble to type up a letter, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it when they could have called me the day before to remind me that I had an appointment. Where has common sense gone?

. I think it’s time the City of Whitesburg cleans out its garbage truck or at least patches the holes in it. I was walking through town on my way to The Mountain Eagle office to pick up a paper last week and had to zigzag through all the garbage juice that was on Main Street and the back streets. It was terrible, it smelled, and it cannot be healthy. I’m surprised that grouchy old man at the health department didn’t have something to say about it. But let’s take a day or two and fix the garbage truck and all the mess it creates.

. The schools need to do something about the bullying. They are mistreating our little boy who is in his third year of school. They did something in the bathroom they shouldn’t have done. Something better be done about it or there will be a lawsuit.

. I’m calling in to say I think they should legalize pot. For people who take chemotherapy and can’t eat, pot gives them an appetite. I’ve seen it work several times. We’ve been lied to about a lot of things. This needs to be legalized.

. I read in the Floyd County paper where Senator Rand Paul said insurance shouldn’t be expected to pay for kidney dialysis and cancer treatments.

. Americans have forgotten these words from Abraham Lincoln: A nation divided cannot stand. What we need is unity, not division.

. This helicopter terrorizing much of Letcher County over the past few days may have been flying for the power company, but he should be reported to FAA or anyone else who might listen. The pilot had nowhere to land in any safe manner at all in case of engine failure or any problem except in the roof of your house. It was an air disaster waiting to happen to the poor people under him. I would check my shingles and even metal roofs if I were in lower Letcher County. I assume the power company will charge this to our bills at about $1,000 an hour. Did anyone else have any problem with this?

. Has anyone ever heard of anything getting solved or fixed by calling Speak Your Piece and complaining about it? I don’t think so. So why do people always call Speak Your Piece complaining about this and complaining about that? It doesn’t help anything, so why do it?

. Well I’ve seen an all-time new low. I have witnessed hands-on a mother’s own daughter breaking up with a boy and the mommy takes up with him. Yes, she’s a married lady and takes up with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend. If anybody else wants to see, they are more than welcome to come to Fishpond Lake. I wish the daughter could see it.

. Hey, people of Jenkins, wake up. The enrollment for the Jenkins School System is 418 children. According to the paper, the administrative salaries total $670,771. That is to keep the superintendent, principals and office staff going. Not one teacher is in that amount of money. Go ahead, raise our taxes, and keep on. We can’t afford this.

. To the lady who lives on Maryland Drive: Please stop throwing plastic bags of trash into our river.

. I would really like to commend Mr. Darrell Holbrook on the fine job he

did having the Veterans Museum open to the public during the Mountain Heritage Festival. He managed to do it by himself most of the time. He seems to always find time to be into a little bit of everything. No slowing him down. Thank you, Darrell.

. To that person in my family who reported me to the police about 5 p.m. Saturday: I am not impressed with you. When you think you are outdoing me, you are wrong. So you better be getting your yabba dabba doo together. Bye.

. It’s a disgrace that the Hogg murder case has not gone to trial yet. All involved in the delays should be ashamed.

. A certain man may not realize it yet, but he’s been caught. I’m talking about the mail. This man was spotted at his house with a certain woman from Pine Creek and her husband doing meth. We know exactly what’s going on. He is destroying that young girl’s life. I will see that he does go

to the pen this time, for the second time. He’s a persistent felon.

. The health department must have blinders on. They should look up at the ceiling in a certain place that cooks and sells food and just see how nasty it is. We need some new people at the health department.

. Go away, green Huey. Just go away.

. A few years ago they took my concealed carry license all because of an accusation. I was never found guilty of anything and never had to go to court for anything, yet they took mine because of a wrong accusation. And then they let people like this man out in Nevada keep their concealed carry permits? How can they scrutinize me so closely and let a nut like that get by with having a whole roomful of guns? Our so-called justice system is sorry. Fact is I don’t own a gun now and don’t even want one. You all be good to each other, and please stop this killing of innocent people.

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