2017-10-04 / Sports

Early fall brings good fishing with it

Gabby’s fishing fever

It is officially early fall now and the fishing seems to be doing well on most lakes. I have seen some nice pictures of big crappie and smallmouth and largemouth bass caught on lakes in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Most of the fish are being caught in shallow areas and around the banks. The main reason for this is because as the water temperatures begin to cool down some during early fall, this causes the baitfish schools to move toward more shallow areas and in and around the banks. Then crappie, bass and walleye will follow these baitfish schools and will feed up for the winter.

You can see signs of this type of activity on the surface in backwater and shallow areas by looking for baitfish breaking the surface and fish splashing the surface feeding off these baitfish.

It can be quite exciting seeing and hearing all this on the water and it is not uncommon for a huge bass to come completely out of the water feeding on baitfish on the surface.

Whenever you see or hear this in an area, be sure to fish this area completely with baits that fish on or near the surface and that fish just under the surface. Some examples of surface style baits include top water baits like jerk baits, poppers and chuggers, also fast-moving baits like buzz-baits. These have caught tons of bass in the fall over the years.

Baits that run just under the surface include shallow running crank baits and spinner baits. These are absolutely deadly on fall bass and the crank bait is one of my all time favorite fall bass and walleye baits of all time.

The fishing may be good now, but it will get even better as fall moves on.

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