2017-10-11 / Columns


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Knowing the trepidations that Steffy had about his trip to San Francisco, Liam made it clear to Sally that their venture is strictly business. Nicole surprised the Forrester family with a quick visit to Los Angeles and described for them her and Zende’s new life in Paris. Just when Quinn was in the most need, Mateo revealed to her a hidden talent he possesses that could assist her. Bill voiced his concern to Steffy about his marriage, as well as the way Liam has been treating her. Following his productive interaction with Quinn the day before, Mateo’s job description at the Forrester mansion changed. Sheila took advantage of Mateo’s new position with the Forresters to further her plan to extract Quinn from Eric’s life. Liam made a point to tell Steffy about the lengths that he took with Sally to prove his devotion to his marriage. Justin paid a visit to update Bill on what Liam has been up to as the CEO of Spencer Publications and the excess money that has been spent. Bill suspected that Liam might be developing feelings for Sally. Eric had a stern conversation with Mateo about trust. Having noticed that Katie has been much happier lately, Brooke interrogated her sister about her current love life. Charlie discovered the portrait that Sheila had commissioned and assured her that it would never hang over Eric’s fireplace. RJ got his hopes up about his parents reuniting when Ridge told him about Brooke moving back home. After much thought, Brooke made plans with Bill to discuss their differences and the future of their marriage. Quinn and Mateo enjoyed working together but in much different ways. Ridge anxiously awaited word from Brooke about her conversation with Bill hoping that she decided to end her marriage. Refusing to give up on her, Bill promised Brooke that he would put his differences with Liam aside and repair their broken family. A truly worried Steffy warned Liam that his father might blame him in the event that Brooke chooses to leave Bill. When RJ saw Brooke and Ridge involved in an intimate conversation, he questioned them about a possible change in their relationship. Worried that Wyatt has been single for way too long,

THIS WEEK: Quinn made a plan to find him a suitable woman. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Katie played hooky from their respective jobs in order to spend some private time together. Brooke gave Ridge very little insight as to what caused the problem in her marriage to Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole showed up at Eric’s farmhouse and confronted him about the reason he left Salem. Hope got important information out of Ben. Theo questioned Tripp about his feelings for Claire. Kayla realized Steve asked Tripp for a favor on her behalf. Nicole confessed to Eric that she loves him. Brady senses Chloe was hiding something. Sonny had a major request for Kate. Lucas had another talk with Will. Nicole and Eric made plans for the future. Brady realized

Nicole lied to him. Kate met with Clyde to get to the truth. Adrienne ran into Hattie in prison. Nicole came clean with Brady. Kate relayed Clyde’s bombshell to John, Marlena and Roman. Bonnie blackmailed Victor. Chloe and Julie clashed over the club. Sami Brady returned to Salem! Brady turned the tables on Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Paul roped John into illegal activity. Lani urged Hope to lift JJ’s suspension.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam believed Curtis could do a better job than she could. Michael wondered if he’d regret his decision. Franco came clean to Liz. Carly focused on Morgan’s foundation. Sonny questioned Griffin. Liz changed her mind. Kristina got in a little deeper. Alexis got disappointing news. Dr. Bensch was sympathetic. Maxie’s life was derailed. Josslyn reflected on Morgan’s death. Ava was an unwelcome guest. Griffin prayed for guidance. Alexis was enraged. Kevin made an impulsive decision. Ava was desperate to escape her fate. Carly and Sonny came together. Michael was stunned by an anonymous donation. Curtis discovered some interesting information. Dillon got the wrong idea. Ava was forced to face her actions. Sam received a heartfelt gesture. Nelle was startled.

THIS WEEK: Michael received some disturbing news. Anna plotted her next move.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At Jabot, Billy arrived and suggested to Jack that they make peace for the sake of Ashley’s upcoming celebration. Jack questioned Billy’s motives and they traded insults before Billy storms out. Jack called Ravi and told him to increase the security of Jabot’s server, so Billy would be cut off from the server. Devon questioned Mariah noting that she doesn’t seem herself. He told her about his odd encounter with Kevin. Mariah worried what Kevin might have disclosed and assured Devon that he’s the guy for her. Later, Devon met with Abby, and they updated each other on their relationships. Abby admitted that Zack has been acting like a different person whom she doesn’t like. At the GCAC, Graham saw Ashley and could not resist pushing her buttons. Graham told Ashley that they have more in common than she thinks. Ashley refused to find common ground with Graham and left. Later, Ashley asked Ravi to accompany her to the celebration dinner as her date. Lily was thrilled when Victoria and Billy offered her an executive position at Brash & Sassy. Colin returned to town to check on Cane. Colin saw Juliet across the room and invited her over. Colin charmed her and wished her well on her pregnancy. Colin encouraged Cane to come with him to visit Jill and pitch her about working at Chancellor.

THIS WEEK: Hilary was surprised when Nick told her that he has a proposition for her—an interview about Victor. She warned Nick that she wouldn’t do a puff piece. Later, Chelsea cautioned Nick about going on the record about Victor and encouraged him to cancel the interview.

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