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Fall is beautiful this year


Hello everyone! Oh what a beautiful fall day. The mornings have been sort of nippy, yet the afternoons are wonderful. Please, winter, stay away for about six months.

This morning the fog was hanging very low across the field next to my house. I stood on the deck for a few minutes just to drink in the beauty that was unfolding in front of me. We have so much for our eyes to behold and it is free.

As I was on my way to work this morning, I observed several people out jogging or getting their morning run in. I let my thoughts drift back into childhood in the mountains. My mom would have been at home making the beds, and sweeping and mopping the floors.

I really can’t remember Mom even taking time to sit down to enjoy a leisure cup of coffee in the morning, as so many do in this day and time. As I read and listen to the phrase spring or fall cleaning, I remember that Mom cleaned every day of her life. She didn’t wait until a special time to do heavy cleaning as she did this, as I said, every day.

I can see Mom so plain in my memory as she would make sure there wasn’t a speck of dust on the bedrails that held the springs and mattress on the bed. Mom never had all the cleaning supplies that are available today. Oh how pleased she was when she bought her first can of Pledge to shine her furniture.

How many can remember the linoleum with the flowers, and your mom using Johnson Paste Wax to wax the linoleum? Mom would mop the floor and let it dry, then get on her hands and knees to spread the wax, and take a soft rag to buff it with. Oh how beautiful that linoleum with the roses looked.

Sometimes I would love to take the carpet up in my living room and have hardwood floors, but right now I can’t afford it so I will just have to be satisfied with what I have.

Southern Ohio

I finally felt good enough to finish scrubbing the remainder of my house. I also did the propane gas tank and the side of the garage that had the green mold or whatever it is called. Now the grass is almost ready to cut again. I am thankful that I have a house and yard and not confined in an apartment, as I do love the outside.

Before long I will have to place my chairs that are on the deck in storage in the garage or basement for the winter. You can bet your boots I really dread this to come.

Saturday evening, I stopped by to see Ann Calihan for her birthday. Johnny and Ann are doing well. It is such a pleasure to be with them. I just want to hug them so close; they both mean so much to me that words can’t express it.

Johnny and Ann never seem to get old no matter what the years say. Again, I will say how thankful I am they have been in my life for so many years.

My youngest daughter Anna Nottingham will be 45 in November. Ann was Anna’s Sunday School teacher. Anna didn’t want to leave Ann’s class when it was time for her to go to an older class, so Ann Calihan had to move up to the higher age group.

I finally caught up with Les and Pat Wagner. Les’s cousin Christian has been visiting them quite often. Christian did a stint helping in Florida or somewhere as he works for the electric company Christian hasn’t been out of eastern Kentucky very much, so it is hard for him to be away from his family. Oh how I can relate to that feeling.

At my age I still long for the mountains, though I really have no immediate family there anymore.

One thing about being connected with bluegrass music is that you can always find a friend or make a new one.

Of course when you are a popular as I am that is not a problem for me. I guess when you got it you may as well flaunt it, or at least spread the charm around.

On a serious note, I do love meeting new people, men and women, and making friends if that makes me a wanton person, then I guess I am wanton and wicked.

As long as I do to please me, I will enjoy my life to the fullest. I really am grateful to God that I haven’t had to depend on someone to take care of me, or to pay my bills or buy me food.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers meeting. You might say we had an unusual meeting, as the hall where we have our meetings was not available for this date. I asked if we could use the shelter for a cookout. It was predicted for a beautiful sunny day, that is until Nate decided to send some rain to the Ohio Valley area.

The shelter is a great venue. I let the grill get going and when the rain came we put the grill on the edge of the pavilion and finished grilling the hamburgers and hot dogs.

We had a smaller crowd, as the weather kept some away, although we still had 14 people.

We had two special guests, Hayward Day and his daughter Kim. I sincerely hope they come back. Warren and Judy Waldron were singing Rocky Top and Kim and I were singing along with them very low. I’ll be darned if Hayward didn’t join in also. Hayward asked Judy if she knew the old song called Rank Strangers. Judy said no, she didn’t know the words, but they could play it.

Judy asked for someone to sing it, all at once someone started singing the song without planning to do such a thing. So help me, I was singing out loud before I realized it. I not only surprised Warren and Judy, I surprised myself, as I will sit in the audience and sing every song very quietly.

When my husband had the band, Clayton Durham & The Bluegrass Addition, I sang a few times with him but it has been years since I’ve even thought of singing in public. I do my singing way in the back so no one can hear me, or when I am mowing the grass or with my grandchildren when they were small.

Thanks to the VFW Post for letting Old Time Fiddlers hold their meetings there. Thanks to Old Time Fiddlers for bringing food to this meeting, and for helping keep it going.

Bonnie Ingram, I hope you are doing all right as I really miss your column in The Mountain Eagle, along with several others.

I keep looking for Oma Hatton’s column. How I miss this precious person.

Blackey Days will be Oct. 13 and 14. There’s a good lineup for music both days. I’ve only gone a few times on Friday evening.

I can remember one Friday evening that was special as I enjoyed a brief few minutes dancing in the rain.

I will leave you with this; the worst feeling in the world is knowing you were used and lied to, plus being lied on by someone you trusted.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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