2017-10-11 / Sports

Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass fishing at its most exciting time

This can be a fast-paced and very exciting time to fish for bass and to be on the water. If you have never seen and heard a huge bass blow up on the surface chasing shad, you have really missed something.

Trust me, bass exploding out of the water is something you will not forget very soon and it will get your heart beating fast with excitement. If it does not, you need to go get your heart checked to see if you still have a pulse.

At this time of year up to early winter, shad and baitfish schools will move to shallow water areas and in and around the bank to hold and feed. And they will move close to the surface. This puts them in open water areas and makes them easy prey for hungry bass.

Bass will come up from under the schools and try to pick off as many shad as they can with their mouths wide open. With all this power and speed behind them, they will a lot of times break the surface and flip and land with a huge splash.

This is one of the most awesome sights you will ever witness in the great outdoors. So it just makes sense to use a top water style bait. There are several styles of top water baits and each has its own time that it will work best.

The way a bass strikes a top water is broken down into two categories. One is a reaction strike and the other is a reflex strike. A reaction bite is where it seems like a natural type of food a bass sees all the time like a minnow or shad and the bass eats it. A reflex bite is where a bass is hiding or holding on cover and hears or feels a movement in the water and strikes it. But whatever the strike, a top water bait can produce this type of action.

Baits like buzz baits and chuggers and poppers and just regular top water baits can cause a feeding bass to strike at them. All these baits create different types of attraction, so be sure to give some a try soon.

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