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Now Heres a Tip

• If your razor has seen better days, try running it over a pair of jeans. The material can sharpen and realign the blades to get a little more life out of your razor.

• Use a small, lidded plastic container to store the following items in your vehicle through the cold winter months: flashlight, portable USB battery pack (charged, with charging cable for your device), blanket(s), road flares, first aid kit, ice scraper, sand or other traction creating material, bottles of water and some snacks, a weatherproof poncho/ jacket and a pair of walking shoes with socks.

• The National Sleep Foundation says that exercise can contribute to better sleep. Work out at least 4-5 hours before you expect to hit the hay, though, because exercise can keep the heart rate elevated and give you energy for hours after you are done. Afternoon workouts are the best, but morning sessions are great, too.

• “For a successful morning, prep breakfast and clothing, and go over your to-do list the night before. Have your kids do the same. Since we started doing this, mornings are so much easier to bear, and we all get to sleep in a little longer too!” — N.L. in Ohio

• Hand-held heat. Fill an old sock (no holes) with uncooked rice and knot at open end. Pop in the microwave for no more than 2 minutes for a long-lasting heater-upper.

• “Prevent outdoor padlocks from freezing up by covering the keyhole with a small piece of duct tape, and then put the whole lock in a sandwich-size baggie to seal.” — G.O. in New York

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