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RECAPS: OCT. 16 - 20

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — After finding Wyatt and Katie in the midst of an intimate moment, a horrified Quinn dragged her former nemesis out of bed demanding answers. Eric explained to Mateo why he’s concerned that Quinn has learned that Wyatt’s car was in front of Katie’s house. Brooke openly confessed to Rick and Maya details about her breakup with Bill and her concerns regarding Katie. Upon realizing that Eric was aware of Wyatt and Katie’s secret affair, Quinn angrily confronted her husband about keeping that important information from her. Appalled by his wife’s actions, Eric paid a visit to Katie to find out how she’s fairing following her skirmish with Quinn. Sheila turned an uncomfortable run-in with Pam into a bonding experience where they shared their common interests. A routine massage by Mateo turned into a counseling session where Quinn revealed a side of herself that’s rarely seen. Steffy approached Bill with the sole intention of making peace between him and his estranged son, Liam. Bill gave into Steffy’s prodding by admitting that he’s partially responsible for his argument with Liam. Ridge made an appearance at Spencer Publications in hopes of finding out from the source how and why Liam ousted Bill from the company. Liam turned the tables on Ridge by asking about a possible reunion between him and Brooke now th20at she left Bill. Even though the topic’s an uncomfortable one for the sisters, Brooke told Katie more about her and Bill’s relationship. Unaware of the ongoing communication that Justin has been passing along, Liam questioned him about where his loyalty lies and threatened his job at Spencer Publications. Having already dealt with the wrath of Quinn regarding their relationship, Wyatt and Katie pondered what kind of reaction they’d receive when Bill finds out about them. Steffy offered to speak with Liam on Bill’s behalf but insisted that her father-inlaw drop his determined revenge. As Steffy spoke with Liam, Bill and Justin hired an expert to assist them in retrieving the taped confession. Wyatt informed Katie of Bill’s planned approach against Liam and his fear for his brother’s wellbeing. Justin presented Bill with a piece of information that he obtained while breaking into Liam’s office the night before.

THIS WEEK: Steffy made another attempt to get Liam to drop the blackmail against Bill and to get rid of the evidence proving his father’s guilt. Having everything that he needs to regain his company, Bill entered Liam’s office ready for a showdown with his son.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole desperately tried to reason with Brady. Hope and Rafe argued over how she’s handling her new position. Gabi made a fervent plea on Eli’s behalf. Sami clashed with Paul and John. Sami and Lucas had an emotionally intense reunion. Nicole broke Eric’s heart. Paul and Sonny’s relationship was strained as they dealt with the Will situation. Victor stunned Justin and Maggie with his announcement. Sami sought comfort from Marlena. While visiting Mickey’s grave, Bonnie had a fantasy -- “Whatever Happened to Baby Bonnie?” Steve and Kayla were thrown when Justin updated them about “Adrienne.” Sonny turned to Chad and Andre for help. Abigail walked in on Sami kissing Chad. Justin cornered Bonnie about what’s really going on between her and Victor. Steve visited Hattie at Statesville and demanded to know what she did to Adrienne. Theo was jealous when he learned Claire and Tripp would be working together. Nicole bid an emotional farewell to Salem. Sami and Eric shared a bittersweet birthday reunion.

THIS WEEK: Hope confronted a familiar face from the past. Bonnie and Victor’s wedding began.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly received disturbing information. Jason was determined as ever. Franco was plagued with nightmares. Stella made strides. Curtis was stunned. Sam made a bold decision about her future. Ava got a visit. Alexis worried about Kristina. Scott got the wrong idea. Franco grew further frustrated. Ava agreed to help. Franco made a plea. Nina made an unlikely ally. Anna crossed Finn. Josslyn hit a dead end. Patient six took in his surroundings. Franco feared he’s his own worst enemy. Griffin came to terms with his decision. Kevin offered a sympathetic ear. Laura was left in suspense. Nathan worried about his marriage. Sam manipulated Maxie. Michael grew paranoid.

THIS WEEK: Olivia wanted more for her husband. Ava held her own.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Tessa called Mariah to hang out, but Mariah lied that she’s stuck at work as she wants to create distance with Tessa. Mariah was surprised when Tessa arrived at GC Buzz with wine and chocolate. Mariah let her guard down, but Sharon arrived and interrupted their bonding. Sharon told them about Alice’s disappearance, and Tessa feared that this would jeopardize Crystal’s safety. Nikki met with Victor and told him that he has the power to end his argument with Nick. Victor told Nikki that he would make peace with Nick if Nikki agrees to move back to the ranch. Nikki told Victor that if they ever reconcile it wouldn’t be because of blackmail. Meanwhile, Sharon accused Nick of making a rash decision to punish Victor. Nick defended his actions and told Sharon that he’d made sure that all of his kids would be provided for. Sharon pushed Nick to consider mending fences with Victor. Hilary confided in Phyllis that she couldn’t burn any more bridges with Victoria and planned to repair that relationship. Hilary asked Neil to put in a good word for her with Victoria. Neil refused to step in and told Hilary that she’s on her own. Hilary apologized to Victoria and invited her to be on her show. Victoria agreed to do an interview but on her terms. Cane returned from visiting Jill and told Billy that Jill has made him the acting CEO of Chancellor Industries. Billy fired back and told Cane that Lily has been hired to fill his shoes at Brash & Sassy.

THIS WEEK: Cane shared his news with Hilary and pointed out that Lily would now be spending more time with Jordan because of her new position. Meanwhile, Lily thanked Jordan for being a supportive friend but told him that she needs to focus on her children and new position.

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