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Speak Your Piece

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As of Sunday, October 15, at least 85 percent of Puerto Rico still didn’t have electricity. The governor hopes to have power at 95 percent by December 15. Most still don’t have enough food, water, or medicine. Sounds like our president needs to skip a round of golf, make another four-hour visit, and toss out paper towels like the Philly Phanatic shooting t-shirts into the crowd. It helped so much last time he did it.

. This is regarding our Whitesburg McDonald’s: Please improve the service at the second window. The first window, where they take the order and collect the money, is proficient, but something happens between there and the second window, where the food is picked up. Twenty-five minutes for two Happy Meals? Come on, this is ridiculous. Thank you.

. It looks like they’re making meth on the strip job between Pert Creek and Cram Creek again. You can’t even get out and rabbit hunt for the stinking meth heads anymore.

. Some people in Washington and he news media say it is inhumane to send these illegals back to their home countries, that it’s not right to separate families. What about the ones they send to prison? They don’t have any option of taking their family with them.

. Thank goodness president’s EPA is repealing the Clean Power Plan. I was afraid the air and water my children would consume was going to get too clean. Adversity is character building, so for them to get emphysema and other maladies due to a dirty environment will toughen them up for life.

. The person who called in about the unmarked police car going down the mountain toward Pound, Virginia got it wrong. The car is silver, not black. I go to Virginia every evening, and everywhere I go — in Virginia and in Kentucky — people are driving 70 and 80 miles an hour. I go the speed limit. If you go the speed limit you don’t have to worry about getting pulled over and getting a ticket or getting killed in a wreck. Think about it.

. With every day that goes by I get more and more disgusted with myself for letting my preacher talk me into voting for Donald Trump. If I think about it too much, I get sick to my stomach knowing that I let a so-called man of God talk me and my family

members into voting for the pure devil for president.

. Concerning the meth lab in Pine Creek, the police should look for an overgrown bottom. And to the blonde who is going there: It is sad. Your mother would roll over in her grave if she knew what you were doing. You’re sick. I hope you all get your hind-ends put in jail.

. People, we’ve got men and women serving overseas in the armed forces now. Why can’t we throw them a big party and a big parade now and show them how much we appreciate them for what they are doing for us? There’s an old saying, ‘Give me the roses now while I live.’ People, that’s not talking about giving flowers.

. Hillary Clinton, that’s good deed you’re going to do when you turn over the funds the cockroach Harvey Weinstein donated to you. What charity will get that money? The American people are tired of your lies; that’s why you didn’t make president, because you’re a compulsive liar. What you need to do is just keep your mouth shut. You lost the election. You have a pervert in your family, also.

. Now that Harvey Weinstein has been revealed to be such a longtime sexual predator, will the ‘babble thumpers’ consider him qualified to be president?

. The black Ford over at Pound is a personal vehicle equipped with blue lights. They also have a white Chevrolet Blazer. People from Kentucky need to know this. They are pulling you over and writing you tickets because the town is going broke. They are borrowing money every payday because they cannot make their payroll. So check it out.

. I am just calling to clarify that it is not a black Dodge sitting at the foot of the Pound, Virginia side of Pine Mountain. It is a black Ford, but it has been specially equipped by the Town of Pound with over $3,000 worth of equipment so that we can catch all of the Kentucky drivers coming over here and speeding. Also, the Town of Pound has a white Chevrolet Blazer they are using to target you people from Kentucky. Please slow down over here.

. When I hear the jets go over with the loud noise it brings to mind a newspaper article I read many years ago. The military does their practicing over eastern Kentucky,

because the people in Louisville and Lexington complain when they break the sound barrier. They look at it as if the people of eastern Kentucky aren’t smart enough to complain.

. A professional advice giver told me the Second Amendment is more important than the First Amendment. They said that without the Second Amendment there would be no First Amendment. They said the government should shut down NBC for putting on fake news. I said, ‘If you believe in the First Amendment, don’t you believe in freedom of speech?’ I don’t know what NBC says, because I never see their news, but I believe they should have the freedom to offer what news they so choose.

. To the man who didn’t want his wife: I’ll damn sure take her.

. Mr. President, thank you for standing by your promises you made to the United States citizens while you were campaigning. Now that you are doing it, we are proud of you. Mr. President, thank you for getting the coal mines going back together. I say God bless America and God bless and working men and women in it. Thank you, Mr. President.

. I’m a single woman looking for a single man to share my life with. If you are 50 to 56 years old and you would like a good relationship with an honest and good woman, I will be at Hardee’s in Jenkins on Friday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. and on Saturday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. If you like me please talk to me. I will be there with my mother since she likes Hardee’s so much. My name is Rhonda. Thank you.

. I heard that Blackey Day was a wonderful day, but I also heard that on the lower end of Blackey where the children were playing games a car was parked right on the sidewalk. Signs were put up, but things weren’t carried out, according to what I heard. So we need better arrangements for the next one, I would say. Thank you very much.

. I wish the police would bust the meth house on Pert Creek.

. It’s amazing how people today use their neighbors for what they want, especially for firewood. They’re too sorry to bust it up their own selves.

. And now the Republicans are even agreeing to the Iran deal? What kind of stupidity is that? There is something wrong when the Republican Party thinks this Iran deal is okay.

. I would like to ask old redneck at the Twin Bridges why he took off running when we came home. Is he afraid or what?

. This is a hard time of year for me knowing that I can no longer go down to the old Sportsman’s Den like I used to and get bow strings made up and our bows ready to hunt. Wendell Brown was a great man from a great family. This is Charles sending one up for old Wendell.

. I would like to know what benefit the state highway workers are. I was coming up KY 15 and was trying to pull off at the Family Dollar store at Isom when two idiots in a state highway department truck nearly ran over top of me before I could get off the road. They don’t do anything anyway, so why should they try to run over top of somebody? They don’t start work until 10 in the morning and they cut off at three or four after managing to get close enough back to the garage so they don’t have to go far to clock out. And these roads of ours are so pitiful. A bunch of grade school students would do just as well as them in terms of patching our roads. That highway department never was worth a dime and never will be worth a dime.

. How could a certain man have relations with a certain man’s wife and then speak at his funeral?

. I would like to know why people vote for Mitch Mc- Connell or Hal Rogers. Let them eat cake. There is no end to what they will take.

. I have talked to three

different women in the last month, and they tell me there are more drugs in the women’s side of the jail than on the street.

. Does anyone know who the drunk is on the fourwheeler at Tolson?

. It’s a shame that people working for minimum wage waste their money on food, clothing and gasoline and don’t save money for their retirement. It’s a shame that poor middle class millionaires can’t get a tax break because people don’t want to raise taxes on minimum wage people. It’s a shame that the rich people can’t afford to pay taxes like the poor people can.

. Why don’t the Asplundh tree people who work for the power company come to the left hand fork of Doty Creek and cut all this brush out of the power lines?

. I would like to know how a city employee can drive a city vehicle home and have a car seat buckled in the vehicle.

. I don’t speak of my worst enemies to my best friend. They are lowdown and not worth mentioning. But it makes me laugh to think my worst enemies admire me so much that they want to be among my best friends. I love it.

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