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RECAPS: OCT.R 23 - 27

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Feeling pressure from Sheila, Mateo stepped up his seduction game in order to accomplish his assigned task. Wyatt and Katie did not see eye to eye regarding what the presumed outcome would be from Bill and Liam’s confrontation. With Steffy on the sideline beaming with pride, Bill and Liam agreed to set aside their differences and promise to never fight this way again. Wyatt arrived at Spencer Publications to the sight and situation that he least expected. Liam praised Steffy for her dedication to him and credited her for reuniting the Spencer men in a way he couldn’t have imagined. Appreciation turned to bitterness between Steffy and Liam when the topic of Sally was brought up. At Il Giardino, Eric became upset and offended when Sheila attempted to turn him against Quinn by questioning her loyalty to their marriage. Seeing Quinn’s response to his inappropriate behavior, Mateo immediately regretted his money-driven actions. Sheila summoned Eric to inform him that Quinn’s having an affair behind his back with the estate manager, Mateo. Quinn told Wyatt about her encounter with Mateo after agreeing to keep her negative feeling about Katie in check. When Charlie confessed his concerns about Sheila causing more trouble for the Forresters, Pam confronted him about what he knows. Feeling betrayed by his wife, Eric invited Sheila over to his house, along with her portrait, so that she could replace Quinn in his life and on his wall. With all of the planning and scheming that she took part in, the situation at the Forrester mansion did not go the way Sheila anticipated. Katie would have had more of a concern about Quinn’s promise to accept her relationship with Wyatt if it wasn’t for Sheila wreaking havoc for the Forresters. Sheila explained to Eric how much she loves him and only wants what is best for him. Bill surprised Liam and Wyatt with legal papers making the three of them co-CEOs of Spencer Publications. As Steffy filled Ridge in on the Spencer family reconciliation, she intentionally left out the cause of the rift.

THIS WEEK: Without breaking her promise to Liam about keeping quiet about his gift, Sally nonverbally confirmed Shirley’s suspicions about how they obtained ownership of the Spectra building. Having placated Liam’s concern about his changes made while CEO remaining, Bill turned to Wyatt to be an ally in their future decisions regarding the company.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES —Maggie and Justin interrupted Bonnie and Victor’s wedding. Kayla and Steve tried to figure out what’s causing Adrienne’s bizarre behavior. Hope and Sami demanded answers about Will from an old foe. Jennifer urged Eric to come back to Salem. The walls closed in on Bonnie. Adrienne managed to call Lucas from prison. Hope arrested Sami. Sheila turned to Eli for help. Justin, Steve and Kayla worked to free Adrienne. Eli confided in Gabi about a regretful decision from his past. Hope enlisted JJ and Lani to uncover secrets regarding Will. Bonnie and Sheila prepared to flee Salem. Eric confronted Brady about Nicole’s decision to leave town with Holly. Rafe and Hope clashed over Sami. Kate and Chad realized someone’s sabotaging the company. Hope got a lead on the Will mystery. Sami, Paul, Sonny, John and Marlena went to Memphis. Victor and Brady were stunned when Eve returned to Salem.

THIS WEEK: Sami locked horns with Hope. Justin went to Lucas to tell him that Bonnie switched places with Adrienne.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam had a huge announcement. Franco confided in Andre. Jake knew better. Scott riled Kiki up. Griffin reconnected with Anna. Ava looked for proof. Andre made his intentions clear. Franco’s drawings took an unsettling turn. Curtis got disturbing news. Nelle goaded Carly. Monica handed down a family heirloom. Ava wasn’t convinced. Griffin was suspicious. Michael confronted Nelle. Maxie had a proposition. Jason felt auspicious about the future. Sonny trusted his instincts. Andre had cause to worry. Michael changed his mind. Ava had a warning. Sam’s celebration was cut short. Griffin was there for Liz. Carly demanded answers.

THIS WEEK: Andre diverted Franco’s attention. Cassandra outmaneuvered an opponent.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Cane told Juliet about his new position at Chancellor, and she excitingly pulled him into a hug. Cane felt uncomfortable, but the tension dissipated as they discussed his new position. They shared a laugh when Cane told Juliet that Lily has taken over her job at Brash & Sassy. Later, Victoria walked in, and she and Cane began to argue. Juliet stepped into defend Cane and experienced stomach pains. Cane told Juliet that she shouldn’t live by herself and was moving her into the Chancellor mansion. Later, Lily was shocked when she visited Cane and saw that he moved Juliet into the mansion. Mariah and Tessa exchanged looks when Devon and Noah reminisced about their trip to San Francisco before Mariah awkwardly left the table. Tessa got Mariah alone and told her that she wants to be with Noah and apologized for giving her any mixed signals. Victoria was driving home after her confrontation with Cane and began to experience another episode. She lost consciousness and caused a car accident. Chelsea happened to see the car accident and woke Victoria up by knocking on the car window. Chelsea wanted to bring Victoria to the hospital, but she insisted that she’s fine and asked Chelsea to keep the accident a secret. Victoria returned to the office and brushed off Lily’s questions about bruises on her face. She told Lily that she’s going to appear on The Hilary Hour and would like Lily to join her for the interview. Billy and Phyllis’ romantic evening was interrupted at Top of the Tower when Victoria arrived to tell Billy about her interview. Phyllis overheard the conversation and alerted Jack that they need to expedite their men’s line before Brash & Sassy. Victor gave Scott permission to use the Newman Enterprises resources to investigate the sex ring.

THIS WEEK: Scott told Sharon that he discovered the name of an “LLC” company that placed the ad that prompted Scott to go undercover when he met Natalia. Zack ran into Scott and was alarmed when Scott mentioned that he’s chasing a lead for his story about the sex ring.

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