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Speak Your Piece

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Why are the people who dumped the garbage on Johnson’s Fork at Premium not being prosecuted given that the garbage was checked and names were found? Is if because of a certain county official’s involvement? Why is one dummy on Johnson’s Fork cleaning up their mess?

. Is this for real? I mean, come on, Letcher County’s court system absolutely stinks. My man is charged, but had nothing to do with it. Please, God, send me hope that he will be home soon. P.S. Letcher County courts, don’t punish someone based on their past when all he was doing was trying to be nice. Thank you, Butterfly

. To Just 41: When and where can we meet? You are absolutely lovely. Maybe Walmart on Sunday at 5 p.m. Maybe our buggies will collide with each other. Hope to see you there.

. What’s up with all these young women running around trying to look like men? They have men’s haircuts, wear men’s shirts and jackets, and wear men’s work boots. That’s an abomination in the eyes of God.

. I was just sitting here watching the TV about Bill O’Reilly and the other men who sexually abuse and assault these women. The reason it keeps going on is the higher-ups take care of them; that’s the reason it keeps going on, but it’s nothing new. The Sixth Chapter of Genesis tells us the sons of God came down here and sexually abused you girls. Wonder who the higher-up is who has taken care of them all these years with nothing being done about it? That doesn’t make it right.

. As of last Thursday — more than a month after Hurricane Maria hit — 30 percent of Puerto Rico still had no drinking water and 80 percent doesn’t have power. That’s according to government data updated daily, which some volunteer workers on the ground say is inaccurate. They say the situation is far more grim. Yet the president gives himself a score of 10 out of 10 for what a great job he’s done. Good grief, I’d hate to see what a score of five would look like.

. To Southern Girl, from your mountain clan in the big city: Your Southern charm and gentle ways will be missed. Watch yourself around Fishpond and up on Linefork. We have your

back. Be sure to come back to the city for a visit.

. We traveled from near Brooklyn, Virginia to ride horses on the Pine Mountain Trail, from Flat Gap to two miles from the Virginia border on U.S. Highway 23, where horses are not allowed. If the Jefferson National Forest would open up the last two miles for horses, people could get on the trail in less than five minutes from the top of Jenkins Mountain [the Pound Gap in Pine Mountain]. It would bring in hundreds of horses each month, plus money spent by the horse owners who are visiting Letcher County. Thank you.

. If true conservatives always spoke as honestly as Senator Bob Corker and Senator John McCain do now, real conservatism would command much respect across each and every dimension of the political spectrum.

. I’m calling to warn the citizens of Letcher County about a certain place in the Isom area. You have to watch them, guys. They won’t give you the right change back. They’re stealing from all of their customers. I hope everybody quits doing business with them.

. Thank you, John McCain, for calling out that vile and disgusting so-called man in the White House for being not only a one time, or a two-time, or a three-time, or a four-time draft dodger, but a five-time draft dodger. While fortunate son Donald Trump was out whining that his feet were killing him with bone spurs he never really had, us poor boys were sent off to fight the Communists in Vietnam. Trump fooled me in to voting for him when he said he’d make our doctor payments cheaper and bring our coal mine jobs back. Now that I know he’s a draft dodger I’m seeing him for what he is, a disgrace to our country.

. Oh daddy, oh daddy, don’t pour that hot grease on me. Oh daddy, oh daddy, my pants are already down to my knees.

. I’ve heard the expression neighbors helping neighbors, but here in Doty Creek we have the expression of neighbor using neighbor to get what he wants, especially a free load of firewood.

. I draw disability because of my hip and my leg and I have to walk on special braces to keep my legs straight. The other day I

went into a certain grocery to get a power chair and there wasn’t one. After trying my best to walk just a little ways, I turn around and see some little fat girl chewing on her tongue like she’s going to eat it off riding while she’s riding around in one of the carts. She then got out of her little shopping cart out in the parking lot by her truck, loaded her groceries in the truck, and then trotted across the parking lot like a thoroughbred. Yet we don’t have a cart we can use to shop? I think people ought to have to show proof of a disability before they can get into one of these carts and ride them around. The only thing wrong with this woman is being too sorry to even take a bath.

. To the person who wrote about Black Lives Matter and said people should ‘quit running from police and quit acting stupid and you won’t get shot.’ Tamir Rice was a 10-year-old little boy in Cleveland, Ohio who never got a chance to run or even realize what was going on when police skidded to a stop at the playground where he was playing with a toy gun and shot him without even a warning to drop the ‘weapon’ or ‘lie on the ground.’ Freddie Gray was in Baltimore police custody when he was rendered unable to run or even walk. He died in the hospital. Sandra Bland was stopped in Texas by police because she made a turn without giving a turn signal. How many of you have done the same? But she was taken into custody and jailed. She committed suicide there. No running. Philando Castilo was shot as he responded to the police officer’s request for identification while sitting in his car and in front of his girlfriend and little girl after a traffic stop. When the girlfriend began screaming, the little four-year-old girl cried, ‘Mommy, stop screaming. I don’t want you to get shooted.’ Even a four-year-old knows the danger of black people in the presence of a policeman with a gun. No running, no stupidity here. You also cited the number of deaths of whites by police being much higher than blacks. Statistics as of 2015 show whites outnumber blacks by 160 million. On a percentage ratio, blacks are 2.7 times more likely to be shot by police than whites. I’m betting the statistics in 2016 and 2017 are much the same. A few rogue cops or perhaps scared cops or people who shouldn’t be cops are making all the good public servants and first responders look bad. I believe all lives matter, including those police officers who go out each day to defend people and our rights and risk their own lives in doing so. But black lives matter just as much. Incidentally, I am a white, female, transplanted Letcher Countian.

. I, too, was at the Mountain Heritage Festival Tent and saw a certain candidate for office grab this man by the hand and turn him around. It scared his little grandson to death. The one running for office tried to provoke the other man into a fight, but the other man would not fight him.

. You don’t need a prince on a white horse. You need an FWB and he’s closer than you think.

. I just want to thank The Mountain Eagle for posting what I called in to Speak Your Piece about people from Letcher County being targeted by the police over here in Pound, Virginia. On Friday the 13th they were at it hot and heavy again. They say they are out of money but they run the black fourdoor Dodge and the cop car all day and night.

. I do not want that prison located in Letcher County and I do not appreciate people out speaking for it.

. So everybody gets a trophy now? Well I didn’t think it worked that way. Well wait, not I’ve got it figured

out. You had a couple on the sidelines injured and had to make sure they got a trophy. I see now. Thanks a lot.

. Today is the greatest day of my life. I crossed paths with a wonderful young lady many years ago. We have a lot in common; we were both born in the same room with the same doctor. Our paths crossed many times in our lives but we never got together. But fate kept us around and we did come together finally. Our relationship turned into us being the best of friends. Today is a great day. It is the day the Lord has blessed me with my wife on her birthday. I would like to wish my wife, Pamela, a happy birthday. I love you with all of my heart. I don’t know what I would do without you.

. I was at the Letcher County Fiscal Court meeting the other night and listened to all those special taxing district people telling their sob stories about how much money they needed and how much money they wanted and what a bad condition the Extension office is in. Not once did one of them tell me how valuable they are to our community. Really and truly, what does the Extension office do to help the people of Letcher County? What does the Soil Conservation District do? What does the library board do? Why not take that special taxing district money to Gordon and let them put in an ambulance service to help the people in Linefork? Why not help all of the fire departments? If you want to put the money where it really counts, put it toward the emergency services. Just think of all of the money that’s been wasted by the Letcher County Board of Education. If the Extension office needs a new roof after such a short time, who is to blame for that? And if thermal heating and cooling is so expensive, why did we have it to start with? I don’t understand. I wonder how much money each of the taxing districts has in the bank? Why didn’t they tell that?

. I want to apologize for calling in and saying a car being used by the police in Pound, Virginia to target Letcher County people is a Dodge when others say it is a Ford. Whether it was a Toyota, a Lincoln, a Honda, or a Chevrolet or any other make, at least I got the color right. I appreciate the other comments, but I believe one of the comments must have been made by the cop’s wife. If it wasn’t the truth I wouldn’t have called it in.

. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump walked on water. On Wednesday morning, the breaking news on liberal news was ‘Donald Trump can’t swim.’ There is no such thing as fake news. A liar tells lies.

. President Trump says stuff on both sides of an issue. Who can tell what the man stands for? I’m not anti-Trump or pro-Trump, I’m just a confused person. What’s he going to replace Obamacare with, Trumpcare? What’s Trumpcare going to look like? What are the problems going to be with it?

. So the education department is warning parents that extortionists are stealing the files of our children and holding them for ransom. How low can people go?

. Mr. Bush, I saw you on TV running your mouth about the way our country is being run today. You and your pappy tore us down so bad that you left us in turmoil. Didn’t you start a war because someone badmouthed your pappy? The president is doing an excellent job of getting this nation back together. If he wants to build a wall let him build his wall. He’s protecting America. He’s not like the Bushes, that’s for darn sure. Mr. Bush, didn’t a guy throw a shoe at you in some foreign country for running your mouth? That’s what I

think ought to happen here.

. You people who are running our president down can kiss our big bloated white [behinds], or mine anyway. God bless America.

. People may talk about Hillary Clinton, but she would make a better president than we have now with Donald Trump. The people who keep talking about Hillary need to just shut up. Thank you.

. I saw in the paper where said the recent tax increase was the first in many years. That’s a lie. I went and looked at my property tax receipts for the last 10 years and saw that mine have increased every year.

. October 24, 2010 was a very sad day. It was a Sunday.

. Blacks are constantly protesting about something. Now, some of the black NFL football players are not standing for the national anthem and honoring our flag and God and our country.

Now they’re having all the statues of our Civil War heroes removed from our courthouses. Well I recently heard on the news they were naming a college after Obama; I think the whites ought to protest that.

. Copay, copay, that’s all you hear. People can’t afford their copay. We pay enough for what little medicine we get to start with. Nobody can afford that copay in Letcher County.

. So tell me, homeboy, how are you going to coach your kid through high school when they’re already got a high school coach?

. I would like to give a big thank you to the auto shop at Mayking, across from the Mayking Fire Department. I have taken all three of my vehicles there and they always go the extra mile.

. I see nothing’s changed with sports in Jenkins, where one family runs everything. I’ve tried to volunteer my help but it wasn’t accepted.

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