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Smallmouth bass are on the move

Gabby’s fishing fever

Now is the time for smallmouth bass to be on the move as the water temperatures drop and the water starts to cool down.

This lets bass know winter is coming soon and they need to feed heavy on shad and baitfish. That is good for fall bass anglers also, because active feeding bass are much easier to catch than bass spooked and holding tight to deeper cover. Smallmouth bass will feed pretty well all winter on most lakes, even in the cold days of winter.

Largemouth are more lazy and will become less active when the water temperatures drop below the low 50’s, but smallies will keep on feeding in fairly shallow water.

During early to mid winter, bait fish school in large groups will move into big main lake hollows and will move along bank and steep areas. Game fish like bass will follow them and feed on them to store up fat and energy for the winter months.

Smallmouth bass can become very active on well known lakes for winter smallmouth like Dale Hollow Lake and several lakes in Tennessee. Check out Internet fishing reports on these lakes or anyplace you are wanting to fish to get updated fishing reports and fish activity levels. Some lakes are much better winter smallmouth lakes and will make your trip much more fun and productive.

Baits like crank baits and spinners are good for smallies feeding close to the surface, and jigs and tube baits work well for bass feeding deeper or close to cover.

Try to plan a trip soon for a lot of fun.

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