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Now Here's a Tip

• “I have a great idea for cleaning skylights. Attach an old T-shirt to the broom end of a long- handled broom, then just mist with a cleaner. You can hold it up and scrub gently. The T-shirt material makes a great scrubber.” — C.L. in Alabama

• “In my house, cleaning up is a big issue. I have a large basket in the garage that is designated Toy Time Out. I ask the kids to pick something up and give them a time limit. If I have to ask again, the item goes into time out for a day. I typically get a good response to my requests.” — Mom in Maryland

• Thanksgiving Tip: “If you have one person responsible for putting prep dishes and pots and pans in the dishwasher while you are preparing the bird and side dishes for the table, you will be halfway done with dishes by the time the meal is over.” — M.A. in Washington

• “I buy extra supplies for Thanksgiving dinner as items go on sale. We always make extra-large portions of our side dishes, and put in an extra turkey while we’re eating! Freeze meals in individual containers for quick dinners throughout the busy weeks from Turkey Day to Christmas Day. Potatoes and vegetable casseroles freeze well, and they taste better than microwave dinners from the grocery store.” — E.S. in Oregon

• For a tailgating favorite, make this: Prepare a batch of macaroni and cheese, then add an egg and stir in. Butter the wells of a muffin tin, and fill with the mac and cheese. Top with a bit of shredded cheddar and bake for 20 minutes at 400 F. You can even make them super portable by using muffin liners. The gang loves these — no fork necessary!

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