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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL —Liam felt betrayed by Bill and Wyatt when he learned that they made a major business decision without considering his opinion. Brooke began to have second thoughts about divorcing Bill when she learned from Steffy that he and Liam have reconciled. Bill urged to get Liam on board with him and Wyatt and provided him with the essential details behind their dominant decision. Shirley called Sally out on her feelings for Liam and encouraged her to pursue him in spite of the fact that he’s married to Steffy. Bill gave Liam an ultimatum to either remain loyal to the family and Spencer Publications or to side with Sally and Spectra Fashions. In the spirit of Halloween, Saul and Darlita surprised Sally with the scariest costume she could possibly wear. Steffy’s visit to Spectra Fashions left her with two revelations regarding Sally and Liam’s business relationship. Not wanting to reignite the conflict with Bill, Liam offered his father several compromises of how all parties involved might benefit. Bill offered his own compromise in return. Steffy learned from Bill that all of her efforts to reunite him with Liam were in vain because once again they’re at war. Liam was forced to tell Sally in person that their plan to rebuild and relaunch Spectra Fashions would not happen. When learning from Steffy that Liam told Sally about him being responsible for the fire, Bill became concerned about what lengths his son would take to help save Spectra. Liam made a promise to Sally and her employees that he would save the company and offered a solution for them all to fight Bill. Bill met with the head of demolition crew and made a plan to turn the Spectra building into rubble by day’s end. Steffy strongly voiced her objection of Liam going against Bill’s plan by joining Sally and her crew in their peaceful protest. Wyatt learned from Steffy about Liam’s idea and became worried that things between his father and brother would not end well. Liam made one last passionate plea to Bill to change his mind about tearing down the historic building. As the demolition crew arrived on the job, the Spectra group refused to vacate the premises. Bill was frustrated that Liam’s leading the protest with the Spectra group and refusing to leave the building that he’s ready to demolish. Steffy and Wyatt began to worry about Liam being willing to risk his life for Sally, a woman he barely knows.

THIS WEEK: Bill placed a call to Liam inside the building in an effort to reason with his son and get him and the others off of the premises. Unsuccessful in his attempted negotiations, Bill decided to put some fear into his opponents.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sonny, Paul, Sami, John and Marlena questioned a mysterious person about Will. Sami landed in hot water. Eve dropped a bombshell on Brady and Victor. Kate recruited Theo to help her figure out who’s sabotaging DiMera. It’s Halloween night, and there were plenty of tricks and treats for Salem’s heroes. Chad and Abigail learned Ben escaped once again. Rafe and Hope caught on to an evil plot. Steve got devastating news about Kayla. Paul confided to John that he fears he’s losing Sonny. Justin, Adrienne and Lucas arrived in Memphis. Sami refused to back down in her search for Will. Eli bonded with Gabi and Arianna. John, Marlena and Sami were stunned when they came face-toface with someone from their past. Adrienne finally got a chance to explain the truth to Lucas. Eve learned about Will and wondered if Paige could be alive as well. Lani defended JJ to Abe. The pressure on Kate built to find the person who’s sabotaging DiMera. Sami, John and Marlena got answers about Will.

THIS WEEK: Paul made a startling discovery. Adrienne and Justin recommitted to their love.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly demanded answers. Jason sought out Sonny. Franco got an earful. Griffin and Ava sought refuge. Oscar and Josslyn took advantage of a situation. P6 longed to be near Sam’s side. Dante grew suspicious. Valentin reassured Nina. Finn wanted out. Andre was upset. Carly got a surprise. Jason worried about Danny. Franco confronted Andre. Nathan was reluctant to carry on the charade. Dante filled Micheal in. Franco turned his attention to Liz. Patient 6 took advantage of a bad situation. Finn kept up the ruse. Valentin ran into an old acquaintance. Cassandra wanted to know more about Anna. Franco made a life altering decision. Jason turned to Curtis for help. Scott tracked down Alexis.

THIS WEEK: Sonny hired Diane. Ava had nothing to hide.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Things heated up between Abby and Zack, and they consummated their relationship. Lauren objected to Scott’s relationship with Sharon and encouraged her to break things off with Scott. Michael called Lauren out on her behavior, and Lauren admitted that she might have overreacted. Despite Charlie’s initial standoffishness, Cane worked hard to win his son over. As Charlie realized how determined Cane is to reunite their family, he began to soften, but the warm moment was interrupted by angry Mattie. She revealed that she saw a text Cane received from Juliet and asked why he didn’t tell them that she had moved in with him. Cane tried to explain his actions to his children, and while Charlie was more forgiving, Mattie remained closed off. When Cane left the room, Charlie asked Mattie to give their father a chance, pointing out that he’s making an effort. Victor offered to buy Brash & Sassy, but Victoria declined his offer. She made a pitch to Devon and Neil for another loan, but Devon turned her down. Nick was annoyed when Faith cornered him into spending Halloween at Crimson Lights with Scott and Sharon.

THIS WEEK: Victor arrived to visit his grandchildren and toys with Nick by revealing his bought out Nick’s liquor distributor and would be raising the prices. Nick was furious and told Chelsea that he needs to spend time alone.

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