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If anyone has had a metal roof installed on their house and they put the metal down over top of the shingles without first putting either tarpaper or some kind of underlayment down first then the metal manufacturer will not warranty the metal. It has to have some kind of underlayment over top of the shingles first. So if you have had your metal installed this way you may want to contact someone to get it fixed right. Thank you.

. I picked up the October 25 edition of The Mountain Eagle and saw a list of drug indictments that once again did not include any of the dealers on Blair Branch. None of them are ever caught and indicted. They’re never caught in Doty Creek, either.

. It looks like the state boys tried to clean up Love’s Branch, but forgot to pay attention to all of it. Why has nothing been done in the area around the mouth of Love’s Branch?

. Thank you to all who came to the Little Cowan Grade School Reunion, and to the committee members who worked so hard to make it come off so well, especially David Lee for coming up with the idea in the first place, and Patsy, who worked so hard she was put in the hospital for exhaustion. Thanks also to Helen, Paula, Betty, Carol, and Harold. Without them it wouldn’t have been a success. Thanks to Shelia, who went beyond her call of duty in picking up the donations for the silent auction that my wife Sue got from Whitesburg merchants. Thanks for all the food the Shriners fixed and for the extra the committee furnished. The merchants deserve a big thank you for being so generous in giving. Thanks again. Love you all, Glen.

. I just want to say thank goodness the high school football season is over in Letcher County. In my 56 years that is the worst football from Jenkins and Letcher County that I have seen. It was very bad football.

. Every time I go to Food City to buy my non-alcoholic Busch beer they are out of it and only have Old Milwaukee. They also don’t have it at Walmart or Rite-Aid or any other store.

. I wish the Jenkins Police Department would check to see what is going on behind Burdine Grade School with a certain Mustang with a white hood.

. Coming soon to a library near you: ‘Beyond All Reason,’ a scrapbook of wisdom and knowledge by Pete A. Martin. Check it out.

. I read the piece in the paper about the guy who picked up the boys hitchhiking and was killed by them. I think it would be interesting if you printed a follow-up piece to tell whether the guys are still living or whatever. (Thanks for calling. We have written about two old murder cases recently in our ‘The Way We Were’ column about drivers being killed after picking up passengers. One of the murders was committed in 1947 by three soldiers, including one from McRoberts. All three soldiers were convicted of murdering the former paratrooper they kidnapped in Jefferson County and all three were put to death in the electric chair. The second case involved Whitesburg taxi driver Monroe Hensley, who was robbed and beaten to death in September 1937 by two passengers who forced him to drive them to the Cumberland River area of Letcher County. We will continue to follow that case in ‘The Way We Were.’)

. To the driver of a white Dodge van who came into the Walmart parking lot on October 22, at about two or three in the afternoon: I’m talking to you, fat boy. You’re dumber than flat dirt. You come in and circle the parking lot; a car comes and you pull up as some straggly drug head walks over to your van and you drop pills into his hand. You give a drug head a bad name just for being so ignorant. Well I’ve got news for you. I hope you enjoyed your drug sale, because I have a video of it and I’m sending it to the proper authorities.

. The Niger ambush is being investigated. Do you think this administration told them to stand down?

. When you go to certain national chain stores doing business in Letcher County you better count your change with them, because they will short-change you a whole lot of money, especially during the holidays.

. I am single like you. I would like to meet you at Walmart, talk with you, and get to know you, Rhonda. I am from Isom.

. President Trump passed gas yesterday. We need a special prosecutor to investigate. Come on, Democrats.

Can someone explain to how to have an abortion without taking a human life?

. I thought a certain organization was non-political. If so, why did they put a six-foot statue of Donald Trump in their conference room? To me that is political. I think everyone should stop doing business with this organization. .

How could you be a liberal Democrat and go to church on Sunday and say you are a Christian? Also, anyone who watches CNN needs to call Dr. Ben Carson. In case you’ve forgotten, he’s a brain surgeon.

. According magazine, our president’s fortune shrunk by $600 million last year. Boy is he a great businessman. He’ll do the same for our country. The national debt has already risen to over $20 trillion on his watch and his first budget jacks it up even higher.

. It’s amazing how these groups are sending letters to people in the mail about how they don’t want the prison to come to Letcher County. It seems to me they just don’t want any jobs to come into our county. Do they want our county to be broke?

. A certain young lady who works in a fast-food restaurant is a fox. If you don’t have anybody, I would love to go out with you. If you do have somebody, please get rid of them. You sure have got my attention.

. To a certain blonde and her old man, who looks like Herman Munster: If you don’t quit coming up in Pine Creek and stopping at a certain meth trailer I am going to have the law after you night and day. Then I’m going to social services and asking them to do something about your little children. I mean business. If something doesn’t change fast you will be getting a knock on your door.

. If Donald Trump is against the prison in Letcher County then I am, too. Thank you.

. To the woman with the open letter about her drug addiction: I hate that for you, but there are sick people with terrible back problems who need their narcotic prescriptions. And they are not addicts. These people take their medicines as prescribed, either six or eight hours apart. An addict looks for a high, not for pain relief.

. I really hope you print this, as Kingscreek has really gone to the dogs. Not only do we have thieves and drug heads in our neighborhood now, we have a sex offender living next door. What is coming of Kingscreek? We need to be alert and on our toes. We are in grave danger now.

. First I’d like to say I am a white male living in Letcher

County. Second I’d like to say I have kinfolk who are married to black people or at least have babies with black people. So as far as blacks and whites, that part doesn’t bother me. But watch ‘Live PD’ on Friday and Saturday nights. Every black who gets pulled over starts running his or her mouth and acting stupid. Quit acting stupid. The same advice goes to the white people. There are stupid white people as well. I don’t care who outnumbers who, I just know that all lives matter. African-Americans who live in big cities are different than those who live in the mountains and elsewhere in the rural United States. Just because you live in a big city does not mean you have to be a thug.

. Here’s just a little word of advice. It would best if no one comes and asks me to vote for them for jailer. If they do they may not like me too good afterwards.

. The truth about Senator Bob Corker is he is angry because the people in Tennessee have already let him know they won’t re-elect him because of his bad record in Washington.

. Attention to all parents in Jackhorn and Neon: You put your children on the bus every morning with Doritos and Cheetos and Pop Tarts to eat for breakfast, but they are not eating them. They are ending up on the floor of my bus instead. However, the Mountain Dews and Dr. Peppers you put them on the bus with are being drunk as quick as possible so their older brothers can use them to spit Skoal in. My suggestion is to get up 10 minutes earlier, scramble a couple of eggs, and feed those children. A tragic tale.

. I would like to thank Speak Your Piece for putting my comment in about my wife’s birthday, but you put her wrong name. Her name is Evelyn. I was trying to wish my wife a happy birthday while telling her how much I love her. I appreciate what you did, but I so wish you had put her name the right way. (Sorry about error. Poor phone connections, especially if a cellphone is being used, often make it difficult to hear the pronunciation of names. Spelling the name is much appreciated on this end.)

. What’s on my mind is this: Why are all these girls in Letcher County getting their hair cut off like boys, wearing boys’ pants, boys’ boots, carrying boys’ billfolds with chains, and living with women like they are a boy? Girls, I’ve got news for you. You are not a boy.

. Some of the people on WMMT- FM get upset if you don’t donate money to their show during fund drives. Some don’t care whose show gets the money just as long as you give. How can you give to all the shows if you don’t have that much money to begin with? I appreciate the fact the Wednesday night crew thanked me for giving even though I didn’t give to them. I also appreciate the Wednesday night crew for playing music I never heard before and will never hear again.

. It is a shame how the past presidents have been putting down our great President Donald Trump. The past ones tried to destroy our nation. Trump is for the people and the people are for Trump. The Democrats and the Republicans are failures. We the people elected Trump, and that is what the stupidity of the Democrats and the coward Republicans don’t like. We the people elected Trump to put a stop to the foolishness of the Democrats and the Republicans. Both parties have failed the American people. We the people have taken our nation back from both parties that are trying to destroy us. Yes, Trump is a Republican, but he is for the people, not the coward

party. Obama needs to keep his mouth shut. He has done all he could to destroy our nation. Bush needs to shut his mouth and let our president run this nation right, not like he failed to do with his coward agenda and not standing for the American people.

. The U. S. Air Force is preparing to put nucleararmed bombers back on 24-hour-ready alert, a status not needed since the Cold War ended 26 years ago. That means the ends of their bases’ runways could once again find B-52’s parked on them, laden with nuclear weapons and set to take off at a moment’s notice. I sure wish we could go back to the days of President Obama when we didn’t have to worry about nuclear war.

. Mr. President, I think you are doing a wonderful job. You finally got something ‘did.’ You’ve got a lot of things ‘did,’ and now you’re working on this tax reform. About these idiots out there who are hollering, ‘I’m not getting enough,’ let me tell you something: They’re lucky to get any. If you get anything back you are lucky, and you’re doing the biggest tax cut in history. You’re going to build your wall. I see you are doing great things. Sorry to hear about your brother. I was a fire boy at the liquor still when I was five or six years old. I know what alcohol can do. I also

know what drugs can do. Yes, I depend on drugs for my pain, and if you could see what is wrong with me you would understand. I’ll be glad when they come out with something that’s non-addictive. Anyway, God bless America.

. To whoever put those papers on the car windshields under the wiper blade advertising Mountain Mayhem: All that ink from it stuck to my windshield when it rained and I haven’t found anything to get it off yet. You should make sure that whatever you put on a person’s vehicle for advertising is waterproof and won’t make a mess on windshield.

. I want to thank the people who complained about a certain dealer’s propane gas to get him removed from the list of LKLP suppliers. The people who bought their gas from this person can get it cheaper at the Kingdom Come place down at Ermine where they sell the storage buildings. Thank you a lot, people. Have a great day.

. I can’t see why people don’t like the president unless they are afraid they might have to get a job and get up and go to work and get off the food stamp program. If anybody out there can give me one good reason why people don’t like President Trump I would really like to hear it.

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