2017-11-01 / Sports

Gabby’s fishing fever

Use a live minnow to find crappie

Now is the time of cooler weather and milder temperatures on the water. This changes a lot of things for some fish, but not much for crappie.

Crappie are fish — like smallmouth bass — that colder water does not have a huge effect on. As a matter of fact, crappie can be caught all winter on most lakes by just changing a few things when you’re on the water.

There are two main things you need to adjust when you’re on the water crappie fishing in milder temperatures this time of year and in all the cold weather months. One is to locate the right depth where the fish are schooling or feeding. The other is the best color to use. In cooler weather the crappie move up and down the water depths following shad schools when they do not feel safe in an area. Also, crappie can become color selective at times and using the right color jig or tube bait or curly tail grub can make all the difference in the world.

If you are doing well with one color and the action slows, you need to change color or change depth of your bait or move to a new spot. As far as colors, green, chartreuse, white, black, silver, red or any combination of these colors will most of the time do well.

To find a active depth or area to fish, a good fish finder unit is the way to go to watch for schools of fish and groups of fish holding on a spot and fish just above the depth of the school. Also for live bait, a live minnow is a great way to find active crappie.

Just get out and have some fun soon.

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