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Now Heres a Tip

• “I buy gifts all year long and save them in a closet until the holidays, when I get them out and have festive fun while wrapping. As a matter of fact, I buy my cards after Christmas, too — on sale. I get them out and start writing the day after Thanksgiving instead of shopping.” — M.E. in Minnesota

• “I have a gorgeous metal tray that I like very much but didn’t have counter space for in my kitchen. My husband attached it to the wall with a screw and found some lovely magnets. I use it to hold recipe cards when I’m cooking or planning to cook. It is wonderful.” — A.A. in Arizona

• When the family shops together, the kids become more invested in making good nutritional decisions. Talk about healthy choices before you go and while you’re making your lists. Then break down the nutritional labels together to make the best choice.

• Make your own moth repellent by mixing whole cloves, ground cinnamon and black peppercorns. Wrap in cheesecloth and secure with ribbon. Hang in a closet or tuck in a drawer as you would a sachet.

• For a refreshing and really good-smelling hair treatment, mix a quarter cup each of honey and ground cinnamon. Rub into hair at the scalp only, and then shampoo as normal.

• Your kitchen sponge sees a lot of action in the sink — sometimes too much. Be sure to replace the sponge when it gets worn or smells bad — weekly if you’re the type who leaves it sitting in the sink drenched in bacterialoving dishwater. Try cutting sponges in half or in thirds to make them last longer.

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