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Friends meet at rec center


Pictured are Oma Howard Hatton, Ruth Brown, and Dorothy Pennington Tacket. Pictured are Oma Howard Hatton, Ruth Brown, and Dorothy Pennington Tacket. We had a wonderful surprise at senior citizens this past week. After working out I went downstairs and, lo and behold, if there didn’t sit Rhuford and Colleen Hart. I was tickled to death to see them. It has been quite awhile since they were upstairs walking or downstairs at senior citizens either one. He said he felt good and counted his blessings everyday. What a wonderful attitude to have for those of us who have no health problems let alone someone who has colon cancer as Rhuford does. He said they gave him three months to live over a year ago. Oh my, we surely take our lives for granted don’t we? Reminds me of Pastor’s sermon Sunday night.

2nd Corinthians 4:17 and 18, For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

Justine and Lorene Brown hold their twin brothers Lester and Forster. Justine and Lorene Brown hold their twin brothers Lester and Forster. Mom and I attended Freda Brown Campbell’s services Wednesday night and her funeral Thursday. She did so much for our community and much of it was volunteer work. Please continue to pray for her two children and their families and her brothers Richard and David. Also remember her dad, Glenn Brown. It was almost a year ago that his other son, Wendell Brown, passed away.

At her services Wednesday night we heard and saw so many of our family’s answered prayers. James Pennington actually standing behind the pulpit and speaking for God now, David Pennington alive and able to walk and talk, Brandi Pennington singing for God, Michael Campbell back home after being in the military, and many, many more.

Mom’s sister Linda Joyce Hall still needs our prayers though. She was moved to the Whitesburg ARH from the Letcher Manor Rehab. She is in room 205 and would love to have people come visit.

I get so involved in reading the posts from the Growing Up In Marlowe Camp Facebook page. And, my memories aren’t from living there myself but going to church there and knowing a lot of the people that still lived there after Dad and Mom married and moved away. Because of this page so many people have reconnected and shared their pictures. If you want to be a member all you have to do is ask to join.

This was a post on there by my sister Delores:

I always loved to get Mommy talking about Marlowe. Just trying to imagine how it was and why they loved it so much. I had her telling about their house up in the head of the holler, and she was describing it, I said, which one was the living room? She laughed and said, “ They wouldn’t no living room!” I said, “Well, where was the couch”? “They wouldn’t no couch! We didn’t know nothing about couches! All the rooms had beds in them except the kitchen!” I said, “Well, which room faced the road?” “They wouldn’t no road! Just a walking path!”


And then there’s this one from Kernel Banks:

I went in about an hour ago got me a snack bologna, cheese, and crackers. As I sat and fed my jowls I thought about an incident in Marlowe. Probably around 1957 we lived in the house next to the warehouse where the Necessarys lived later. My younger brother was probably around 4 years old. Mom had fixed us a bologna sandwich and we were in the yard, Mom was out of mayonnaise. Little brother whose speech was not very plain saw Dan Combs walking back to the store. He hollered at Dan and asked if he had any mayonnaise. Dan thought he said monies and gave him a nickel. He ran into the house gave the nickel to mom and wanted her to go get some mayonnaise. She thought he was begging Dan for money and he got hickory tea to go with his bologna sandwich.

And Margaret Combs posted this:

Remember when Memorial Day came. All the ladies would make paper flowers dipped in wax and they would decorate the family graves at Grave Yard Hollow and all the graves around. My mom loved making the flowers.

Jim Cornett:

I remember helping Mom make these when I was about 8 years old. All I remember is her buying crepe paper, making the flowers by rolling and fluff- ing them, wiring them and dipping in wax.

Margaret Combs:

You use crepe paper and we always cut out big petals from the paper it was pretty colors. We used yellow for the center and green for the leaves. We placed the petals around the long yellow center then the Green leaves. Wired the bottoms and dipped in wax. They were easy to make but we sure got tired of it. We made so many. Ha! I wish I had those times back with my mom and my sis. Happy days.

Jo Ella Taylor Sturgill;

That brings back precious memories of helping Mommy make those flowers. People use to care about the graves and making sure that they were decorated. Not so much today. It’s sad.

I could go on and on with so many things they have said on this Facebook page about the people they grew up with. But, there are so many Marlowe people out there that they haven’t connected with. If you know of any that aren’t on the site and know how to get hold of them, please let them know.

I saw on the Little Colly Baptist Church sign that The Master’s Harmony will be singing there this Sunday for their homecoming services. Mom and I always go to our own churches and then stop by there afterwards for dinner. Their homecoming dinner is outstanding. They treat you as if you are one of their own family members.

One of my sister Charlene’s clients came by the house one day last week to get some gingko tree leaves for her beautiful jewelry creations. If you all have never seen a gingko tree in the fall you need to take a drive up by my house. Ours is about 30 years old. When I was in college at Lee’s Junior College there was one on the campus and I said then and there if I ever had my own yard I was going to have one of those trees. All I had to do was show one to my husband and he didn’t stop until we found one. Its leaves are like a maidenhair fern and it’s pretty even in the summer but in the fall there are no words to describe it. The leaves at first are greenish yellow but if they get to turn before it freezes every day it turns more and more yellow. Then at the first freeze they all fall off that same day. The ground is solid yellow underneath it.

But, anyway back to my visitor. She uses the smallest of leaves and mosses and mushrooms to make unbelievable jewelry. She had one that had a mushroom about 1/2 inch high and it was translucent like a jellyfish. They were amazing. Her name is Gloria Beachey. I think Charlene has some of her jewelry at the Copper Comb for sell. She also has an Etsy shop online. I loved talking to her and her husband. He also makes jewelry from wood that would amaze you.

Mommy called me as soon as she read her Eagle last week and said, “Sissy, I think you put the wrong name on that picture, I think that was Margaret and not Geraldine.” I looked on the back of her picture and sure enough it said Margaret Paige Caudill. I’m sure Bertha Dye and her sisters knew it when they saw it, so those of you that didn’t know, the picture of the little girl with that expression on her face that made you laugh, it wasn’t Geraldine Paige but Margaret.

Mom also wanted me to put the picture in here of Lorene Brown and sister Justine with their twin brothers. One of Mom’s brothers dated her and they must have been serious. It was Mom’s brother Murphy Pennington and he later married Josephine Hall.

Ending here with Oma’s usual ending, don’t forget to attend church this Sunday and I say if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week God would want you there then too. Speaking of which, my church Letcher Independent Baptist will be having a Bible conference this coming Sunday the 12th, through Tuesday the 14th and no services on Wednesday. Sunday services will begin at 6 and then 7 on Monday and Tuesday. The preacher will be Dwight Coffman and Master’s Harmony will be singing. Another speaker that was lined up had a heart attack so we need to pray for him. His name is Smith Epling. Hope to see you all there.

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