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Speak Your Piece

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This is to my one and only true love: I wish we could turn time back and fix all of our mistakes, but we can’t. I know that in eight years from now our kids will be older — some grown — but I will still love you. Although we are divorced now, I hope you will still give me the wedding I always wanted. I love you forever and always. From me.

. I read a comment in Speak Your Piece by someone who said they need their pills because of their back pain and all that stuff. I’m sure there are people out there with real problems, but the problem I’ve got with that claim is the large number of patients certain doctors see in one day. Doctors who see too many patients and prescribe too many pills are also destroying lives.

. Eight percent is the amount of Facebook owned by companies controlled by Yuri Milner, a Russian billionaire investor who also owns five percent of Twitter. New documents leaked indicate that the investments were backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from the Kremlin and obfuscated through shell companies. Another part of the answer of how we elected such a horrible president.

. With election time coming next year and the bad condition our county is in today, why would people not want to put Jim Ward back into the county judge’s office?

. I saw where the Letcher County Water and Sewer District wants to raise the water rates in Letcher County. Why? I agree that people on Cumberland River deserve water, but are the people on this side supposed to pay for it? Is that the way I am reading this or am I wrong? And who is Richard Carter? He lives over there on the Eolia side. Everything is going up and many people are on fixed incomes. Why is there a need to raise the water rates by an average of almost $12 a month?

. Recently I went up on Pine Mountains to the overlook. The views are beautiful but there was garbage everywhere. We planned to clean up the garbage but the garbage cans were missing and we assumed they were stolen. When we looked around, we found garbage bags filled with pieces of fish which had been cleaned. This is such a beautiful place to let these things happen to it.

. I would like to ask one question: They say the water rates are going to be rising, but the people in Whitesburg — that great city — don’t have to pay a water bill. It’s the people out in the county who have

to pay the higher water bill. Can someone tell me what is wrong with the people who live in the country in Letcher County and what is so great about the city people? Raise, raise, raise; where is that money going? Why aren’t the people of Whitesburg going to pay the higher water bill instead of the country people? This is crazy.

. Could somebody do something about those beavers just above the Kona School? They’re a danger to the children, and the two dams that are there are going to cause the school to flood. Thank you.

. All of my life I have heard the comments about blondes having more fun. I have also heard the comments about blondes being mighty dumb. I know one certain blonde from up around the Mayking area who fits the dumb comment. Her man is sneaking behind her back and fooling around on her with every breath with other women.

. Someone last week asked for one reason why people don’t like Trump. I can easily give you several: Trump said he would replace Obamacare with something far better with lower premiums and better coverage. Nothing that Republicans proposed even came close and nothing got passed. Trump predicted that Hillary would fill her administration with people from Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street bank. Then he did exactly the same thing, with at least six to eight Goldman Sachs people in his administration. He said he would drain the swamp of all the lobbyists and special interests and again has filled his administration with former lobbyists for special interests. He said he would take on the drug companies to lower drug costs but has done no such thing — or even tried. Most people do not believe Trump will bring back coal jobs even though he promised he would. He said the world would respect us more; other countries now respect us far less. In addition, Trump’s proposed tax overhaul would give most of the tax breaks to the wealthiest people who need it the least. He claims that if wealthy corporations paid less tax they could raise wages by $4,000. In what world is he living? Why would companies raise wages because they had greater profits? That isn’t why companies raise wages. We are closer to a nuclear war than we have been in decades. He is ready to throw away our nuclear deal with Iran although with no deal Iran would surely go back to developing a nuclear bomb as they were doing before the deal. Trump wants to cut the state department’s budget

by 30 percent while increasing the military budget by $60 billion, which says he doesn’t believe in diplomacy and would prefer to settle things with war. He attacks our friends and allies and refuses to say a bad word about Russia or white supremacists. And he speaks and tweets lies nearly every day and neither our friends nor enemies believe half of what he says. Is that enough reasons?

. The nation’s power utilities are just beginning to understand the costs of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. NextEra Energy, the owner of the largest utility in Florida, estimated $1.3 billion in damages last week. Duke Energy estimated $500 million in damages in Florida, and Southern Company estimated $150 million. NRG Energy put their costs at $40 million and Texas’s American Electric Power put their costs at $250 million to $300 million. All told, about $2.5 billion. But this is a lot better than it will be in the future since we have an administration that is so science illiterate as to deny global warming.

. Mr. President, you spoke the truth when you said what you said about the Army deserter who got his fellow soldiers wounded or killed getting off too easy. How the judge came to the conclusion he did blows my mind. Just like you said, the deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, is a disgrace to the military. He should have been stood up and shot as a deserter. What has happened to the military of the United States of America? God bless America and God bless our soldiers. I am an angry American.

. Why doesn’t our nursing home in Whitesburg provide a telephone or television for their patients? Also, the entrance to the home from the main highway should have a large lighted sign. It is easy to drive past the exit without seeing it, even for the local people. It is a shame the road going down to the nursing home is so narrow that two vehicles cannot pass. One driver has to back up if two vehicles meet. I’m sure they could make these improvements without causing a financial strain on their profit. Why doesn’t ARH or some other company consider building a nursing home that could provide better service to the area?

. Hello. It’s Rhonda. Thanks, ‘Single,’ for answering my ad. Yes, I will meet you on Saturday the 11th at Walmart in Whitesburg. I’ll be in the front on the bench sitting and waiting, probably about noon. Thank you.

. This message is to Todd Depriest, the mayor of Jenkins: You need to do something about the young cop with no hair that is running up and down the road pulling over everybody in the county. It’s not just me; he is targeting young kids, older people, and everybody else. Remember, Mr. Depriest, we put you in office to protect our personal safety. We don’t want to be harassed by the police department. I think it’s time you put a stop to this. I’m not the only one that has called in a complaint against this man. We are watching you, Mayor Depriest, and we expect you to something to address this matter. Thank you.

. Condolences to the families of the church members in Texas who got slaughtered Sunday: When I turned on the news this morning I heard one person asking where God was and why He let this happen. Look at the facts. God put us in a rose garden and we turned it into a thorn field. If people aren’t smart enough to put a gun in their wife’s pocketbook or even wear it on their side in the church, this is going to continue with people being slaughtered. Any gathering group of people in the United States is vulnerable to these satanic attacks. One white knight in the church with a gun could

have stopped this. Wise up, people. Don’t blame it on God; blame it on your own ignorance. There’s a war going on, and it’s between good and evil and it’s not over yet. The sheep are being slaughtered, and that’s because the keepers are not carrying weapons.

. I’ve noticed for quite a while now that pastors will go to different churches to preach and churches will bring in someone new to preach. Pastors, you need to leave it up to the evangelists to travel to the different places to preach. Pastors, you need to stay home and take care of your flock. There’s enough work to do in your own churches without taking the jobs of others. .

Oh how I wish that of all the religions in the world and all the gods and goddesses they worship there was one who could be bothered to lift his or her little finger to protect their followers from being massacred in their places of worship.

. If you want to listen to a good radio station, go to 102.3. That’s serious radio — you don’t have to listen to all that foolishness going on all the time.

. I think we need a really nice a new funeral home in Letcher County. .

To that person who let a chair blow out onto the road down below the old Holbrook’s Service Station at Mayking: You are not nice. You almost caused a killing. It almost hit driver in front of me. I stopped and picked it up. If I knew who you were I would not be nice to you. You know who you are. Have a good day.

. If I were a certain woman on Linefork I believe I’d find out where my husband has been running around. I can say this without causing a conflict: It’s not with you; and it’s most definitely with another lady.

. To a certain pastor: I think you have made a bad mistake. When you first came over here we were so glad that we had a pastor who would stay with us and was interested in getting souls saved. Anymore, I don’t believe there anything at all to it. I believe it’s just a money racket. You really have surprised us and broken a lot of hearts. I wish you well, but I am afraid you have made a bad mistake. Money is here today and gone tomorrow. Jesus said he would be with us until the end of world, and here you have given up and ran. I am so sorry, Pastor.

. Armstrong Energy, western Kentucky coal company, has filed for bankruptcy protection. I read in The Mountain Eagle that there was a time when there were 66 coal mines in Letcher County? How many are there now that our president is reviving the industry? Do any of you out-of-work miners realize you’ve been had?

. How do people get away with driving vehicles with Ohio plates on them after they have been here for at least five or six years? Law enforcement, I’m talking about a Jeep Cherokee and Ford Escort.

. To a certain person: You better get your coat on, and your hat, if you’re going to sit out on that porch this winter.

. Whitesburg Police Chief Tyrone Fields needs to straighten his act up when it comes to getting on TV and calling all of us scumbags.

. Ju st because I am a Democrat and just because you are a Republican doesn’t mean we have to fight and argue every time we meet. I’m willing to compromise. I’ll tell you what I’ll do: I’ll come over to your house and I’ll hug your Republican elephant and you can come over to my house and kiss

my Democrat ass.

. The new prison they want to put at Roxana will be just like the big health department and the big rec center in Whitesburg. Nobody will use it but the poor. The real poor use the rec center and nobody goes to the health department, and it is a big nice building.

. A few weeks ago I witnessed a little gray-haired lady out behind the Old Jenkins High School apartments use the worst profanity I ever heard in my life. She was talking to the other tenants, screaming and yelling, nothing like what a real lady would do. Then days later I heard her at the Dollar Store in Jenkins and at the Hardee’s Restaurant in Jenkins using the same language while talking about the other tenants and the people who run

the apartments. I hate to see this happen in Jenkins. This is one of the few places that has come up in Jenkins and not had a bad reputation and now it’s going down too.

. I am so glad all these sexual predators are being outed. Can’t wait for the day when I release all the information on local professional and businessmen who have propositioned boys for decades.

. A lot of people in Letcher County are on fixed incomes and can’t afford it when laundrymat doubles and triples its prices to wash and dry clothes.

. What happened that our Halloween Party for the Blackey Senior Citizens wasn’t out for everybody to read on Facebook? Workers, where are you? That’s your job. Thank you.

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