2017-11-08 / Sports

Struttin’ Time:

The difference a year can make

Sitting here listening to real country music at 6:20 a.m. on the Sunday morning the time changed. You get up early or don’t sleep when your grand baby is visiting.

I grew up, as most Struttin’ Time readers probably know, in the small coal mining town of McRoberts. In those days the most fun thing you could do was hunt, fish, and hang with friends on the baseball diamond or at the swimming hole. This edition of Struttin’ Time is about one such friend, Addie Church, and a friendship that has stood the test of time.

Addie, who now lives around Virginia Beach, is an avid hunter who sent me a collector turkey call that is now in my collection and will remain there throughout my life and I hope beyond.

Addie drives from his home in Virginia Beach to our Fleming- Neon class of 1965 high school reunion. We used to meet every five years, but since we are getting older we meet every year, and Addie is always there.

Addie is one of those people who has never changed. Addie in high school is the same Addie we have today. He and his brother Bill were hunting on their leased land during the second week of bow season when Addie saw not a nice buck, but a monster buck heading right at him.

Knowing Addie, the first thing that popped into his mind was the though that failure is not an option on this big boy. I know Addie must have fallen apart when he was looking at this monster with a 23-1/2 inch spread. Anyone would, knowing you were facing the big buck with two pieces of sticks instead of a 30.06 rifle.

As Addie let his arrow fly he knew he had made a good shot, but the bucked turned and disappeared into the woods. Addie gave him a while to lie down, then started following the blood trail. After searching what seemed to be forever, he went and got Bill to help. As happens sometimes, the blood trail stopped and after two days of searching they gave up.

That was the 2016 archery season. Fast forward to the 2017 season. Addie was hanging some tree stands when he walked up on his buck from the year before lying right in the path where he and Bill had given up on the year before.

He plans to have the antlers mounted. It was an eight-pointer with a 23-1/2 inch spread. Addie, I don’t blame you my friend. I would have it mounted also.

See you at the reunion!

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