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Here's a Tip

• Since you know it’s coming anyway, take the opportunity to clean out the fridge a day or two before a big family dinner. It’s a good idea to eat up any leftovers for dinner the day before. You’ll have plenty to replace them on Thanksgiving, right?

• In the fridge, it takes 24 hours of defrosting for every 5 pounds of turkey. When defrosting in water (only birds in a leakproof plastic wrapper), allow 30 minutes per pound and change the water every half-hour.

• “When setting the table, my mom would put note cards face down under the place mats. On the note card was written an afterdinner, but before-dessert chore. Someone would be responsible for packing up leftovers; another would load dishes and flatware into the dishwasher; still another would wash or dry the servingware, and pots and pans. We all chipped in, and it was fair, since it was based on where you sat. She changed them every year. We had lots of fun trying to guess where the easiest chore card was.” — C.C. in Georgia

• If you’re considering new furniture, take this into consideration: Experts say that open storage is more likely to keep clutter to a minimum, since there’s no hiding your junk. Closed storage tends to collect clutter faster.

• Much like a workout buddy, having a money buddy can keep your budget on track by providing accountability for your spending. If you have to justify your purchases, you’re less likely to make frivolous choices.

• “If you get razor burn a lot, make sure you save your shaving for the end of your shower instead of right when you get in. The warm water makes it easier on your skin. Get a good shaving cream, too.” — E.Y. in New York

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