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RECAPS: NOV. 13 - 17

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy couldn’t believe what she’s hearing from Liam about what happened with Sally while they were trapped in the rubble of the Spectra building. Liam went on the defensive when Steffy confronted him about his feelings for Sally. Coco was not only surprised by Sally’s admitted love for Liam, but for how long she has had this mindset. While Bill was grateful that Liam and Steffy’s marriage has endured this rough patch, he isn’t so sure that his relationship with his son is, once again, repairable. Liam was desperate to get a hold of Steffy so that they could move past his one-time lack of judgement and repair their marriage. Steffy retreated to the Forrester mansion’s guest house so that she could have some time to sort out how she feels about Liam kissing another woman. Unable to suppress her feelings for a very married Liam, Sally fantasized about what it would be like if SHE was Mrs. Liam Spencer. Wyatt paid a visit to Liam to see how he’s feeling and questioned his brother’s feelings for Sally after hearing about his fight with Steffy. Steffy confided in Bill how Liam betrayed her and their marriage by not only kissing Sally but also by continuously defending and standing up for her against his own wife’s wishes. Unaware that Liam had kissed Sally, Wyatt gave his brother hope that Steffy would most definitely come back home soon. Wyatt and Liam did not see eye-to-eye about Bill’s controversial views regarding business and family. Bill issued Steffy sincere advice about what to do regarding Liam. Liam was beside himself with worry having not heard from Steffy and wondering where his marriage stands. Eric and Quinn relished in their impenetrable marriage after having weathered the wrath of the venomous Sheila. Liam had a plan that he hopes would help him get his relationship with Steffy back on track and reached out to Carter for assistance. Having had a revelation from her interaction with Bill, Steffy returned home to Liam ready to put their problems behind them. After getting to know Steffy much better the night before, Bill had a difficult time keeping his mind off of her. Wanting to move forward past their fight from the previous evening, Liam surprised Steffy with his idea to renew their wedding vows with Carter officiating.

THIS WEEK: Katie and Wyatt took their bedroom games to a new level as they naughtily partook in fantasy role playing. Justin questioned Bill’s intentions when he’s instructed to get the yacht ready for a romantic adventure.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ was horrified when he discovered the identity of the person he shot. Abe received devastating news. Sonny and Sami found Will! Rafe turned up the heat on Susan Banks. Abe lashed out at JJ for shooting his son. Hope took away JJ’s badge and gun. Sami and Sonny were stunned by Will’s revelation. John told Marlena that Will’s alive. Theo’s shooting continued to have ripple effects all over Salem. As Chad ripped into Andre, Kate tried to cover her tracks. Lani tried to help Abe understand how JJ ended up shooting Theo. Jennifer consoled a guilt-ridden JJ. Kayla delivered upsetting news to Theo’s family. Valerie made a difficult confession to Abe. A tormented JJ second-guessed his actions. Kate blackmailed Tripp. Susan desperately tried to convince Will to leave town with her. Paul confided in John about his deception.

THIS WEEK: Marlena was stunned when Sami updated her on the situation with Will. Gabi received incredible news.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jordan had big news. Elizabeth was interrupted. Lulu paid Maxie a visit. Nathan tried to help. Nelle overheard a private conversation. Carly tried to help. Jason attempted to move forward. Anna learned the truth. Valentin came clean. Nina was cautious. Valentin was put on the spot. Nina got a sweet surprise. Scott defended his actions. Lulu had exciting news. Laura attempted to fill a void. Ava confronted Griffith. Sonny set the record straight. Nelle took advantage of a situation. Nathan did his best to help. Carly questioned Oscar’s intentions. Patient 6 made one last passionate plea. Curtis had an update. Ava got under Franco’s skin.

THIS WEEK: Nina put things into perspective. Amy’s actions were appreciated.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor decided to throw a party in Abby’s honor to celebrate the success of Design Date. However, when news leaked of Victor acquiring Brash & Sassy and hiring Victoria as the COO of Newman Enterprises, Neil encouraged Victor to shift the focus of the party to announcing Victoria’s new position. Victor and Victoria agreed but decided not to tell Abby about the change of plans. Meanwhile, Abby invited Ashley to the party and told Ashley that she believes that Victor’s going to promote her. Phyllis was annoyed that she has a new neighbor who’s constantly playing loud music. She was shocked when she saw Billy in the hallway who revealed that he’s moved in across the hall from her. Meanwhile, Hilary comforted Cane. Chelsea dropped off wardrobe for Hilary at BC Buzz and was nervous when she heard Hilary and Jordan having a heated argument when Hilary threatened to reveal a secret about his past.

THIS WEEK: Victoria told Lily about Newman Enterprises acquiring Brash & Sassy and offered Lily a position at Newman Enterprises.

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