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First week sees 15 file to run for county offices

Fifteen people have filed to run for county offices during the first week of registrations, and 26 others have picked up papers but have not yet filed.

Two others have announced candidacies, but have not picked up papers or filed. Those candidates and the offices they plan to seek are: Circuit Clerk: Mike Watts (D); and Sheriff: D.L. Hammonds.

Several officials have either already retired or are expected to retire or quit after this term, leaving local races wide open.

Offices and candidates who have filed are as follows (the letter “i” signifies incumbent):

County Judge/Executive Jim Ward (D) (i)

County Attorney Jamie Hatton (D) (i)

Jailer Luther Tackett (D)

Sheriff Shawn “Mickey” Stines (D)

Magistrate District 2 Michael Hall (D) Sherry Sexton (D)

Magistrate District 3 Emory “Fudge” Mullins (D) Codell Gibson (D) Woody Holbrook (D) (i)

Magistrate District 4 William “Cheddy” Smith (D)

Robert Howard (R) Roger Back (D)

Magistrate District 5 Bennie McCall

Constable District 1 Roger Eldridge (D)

Constable District 4

Harvey B. Campbell (D) (i)

Persons who have picked up papers, but have not returned them to the court clerk’s office are:

Judge/Executive: Terry Adams (R); County Clerk: Winston Meade (D) (i); Circuit Clerk: Janet Ratliff (R); Jailer: Kenny Anderson (D), Bert Slone (D), Jeffery L. Mullins (D); Sheriff: Eugene Slone (D); Surveyor: Richard Hall (D) (i); Coroner: Clifford Wade Fields (D), Renee Campbell (D); Magistrate District 1: Jack Banks (R), Bobby Howard (D) (i); Magistrate District 2: Roger Nease (R), Robin Taylor (D), Brad Collie (R), Curtis King (D), Don McCall (D); Magistrate District 3: Heidi Martin (D), Chris Collier (D), Emory Leonard Tackett (R); Magistrate District 4: Kenny Whitehead (D); Magistrate District 5: Steve Addington (D), Scott Collins (R); Constable District 1: James Bowman; Constable District 3: Jesse Bates (D); Constable District 4: Terry Perkins.

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