2017-11-15 / News

Letcher native will ride ‘Santa Train’

OMER CHAMPION II OMER CHAMPION II A dream will come true this weekend for Letcher County native Omer Champion II when he gets to ride on the Santa Train from Pike County to Tennessee.

Champion now works for CSX in Jacksonville, Fla. Known to family and friends as Champ, he is a registered professional electrical engineer, and is employed as director of facilities, electrical design and facility maintenance.

Champ has always loved trains, and watched them pass by his home before the tracks were removed in the area. He has long dreamed of being a part of the annual Santa Train sponsored by CSX.

This year he will realize that dream as he will be assisting on the run. Rickey Skaggs will also be on the Santa Train, which leaves the Shelby Yard in Pike County at 5:45 a.m. on Saturday (November 18).

CSX has prepared backpacks with toys and other useful items for both boys and girls. Food City will also be a participating sponsor, and will be providing fruits, candies and nuts.

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