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We hear about neighbors helping neighbors, but never about the neighbors who never help their neighbors unless it’s to make themselves look good.

. I would like to warn all goodhearted girls and boys to stay clear of Pine Creek. It is eaten up with Hepatitis C and HIV. If you’ve been fooling around with certain girls or a certain couple in Pine Creek, you are eaten up.

. They talk about these four-wheeler trails and horse trails and all of that, but the best riding in the country is to turn down KY 1103 from Highway 160, then turn up Cornett’s Branch. You can ride for days up in there. It goes across Defeated Creek and heads up over in Turkey Creek. Then you can go all over Leatherwood if you want. Come over Sunday and let’s go riding.

. I’ve been out driving around Letcher County looking. We had a guy we paid $50,000 a year to bring jobs and industry into Letcher County. I don’t know how many years he was there — maybe eight or 10 — but not one job can I see that he brought. We have spent millions and millions and millions of dollars of coal severance tax money; what have we got to show for it? Our children going to school have no future in Letcher County. Go to Pike County, Perry County, Knott County, and Wise County, Virginia; when you come back into Letcher County it’s like returning to a Third World country. We’ve got nothing going on. All we have are fast-food places and nothing else — no industry, no anything. Have you gotten your tax bill? Look at it and see what your judge and four of your magistrates brought to you. One magistrate voted no, and I’m proud of him. I just wish the people of this county would quit voting for the First and the Third. Let’s get rid of the people who don’t care about anything but themselves. Every time something goes wrong and they waste all of your money they raise taxes. And the people in the county keep voting for them. We have a beautiful county and a wonderful person now in charge of tourism. She is a very intelligent lady who is getting things moving. Now let’s try to get some type of business and industry going in this county. I could talk a week, but I know I don’t have that kind of time.

. To a certain person: I have been hurt so deeply and offended so very much. I hope you know what you did. If I were you I would ask God to please forgive me, because you really have hurt me.

The black-haired girl that works in a certain restaurant in Whitesburg needs to stop cussing when there are children there eating. That is so rude. You’re rude to the customers and you can’t cook. Get a new job.

. I got my county property tax bill with a cushy little 400 dollars-plus for the Jenkins Independent School System. A system falling behind Letcher County’s school system in multiple ways, particularly with educational opportunities. It’s absurd to pay all of the administrative costs to keep the school system open. It’s way past time to become part of the county system. Jenkins is a poor retirement community that unnecessarily continues to penalize people simply over the perceived importance of Cavalier pride. Sure elementary education scores well. But, more intense attention is placed on state testing than daily education. By junior high school there seems to be a total breakdown in multiple areas. Few teachers live in Jenkins, discipline is out of control, students curse and have little respect for authority and sleep during class without much deference because it allows a little better order, many classes offer books as students come through the classroom door, only to have them leave them behind as they exit, plus an important variety of needed classes offered are at an all time low. It’s little more than push them through with a diploma that represents little except the tradition of graduating from JHS. It’s time for this to end. Jenkins would serve the community much more efficiently with an elementary and maybe a junior high campus in one building. This clinging to tradition has long past lost its feasibility and wastes large sums of unnecessary money on administrative costs. The good old days are gone and it’s time to use some common sense in public education. If the Jenkins students had superior opportunities it would be a completely different matter. You can go into any class and there are four or five students of middle-income families. They’re locally looked upon as being privileged because poverty is so predominant. We’re wasting our money, not to mention neglecting to make the child’s education the real center of focus rather than keeping an independent system. It’s no secret that many middle income families send their children to the county system. They’re smart for doing so. How low will the enrollment have to go to bring necessary change? Maybe it should be on the ballot in the next election cycle.

I remember one fellow who was said to have billed the county government 17 times for the same gallon of paint. If we could do that they might name a highway after us.

. Some people have been accusing our PVA of raising our property taxes. This is not true. You can blame your county judge and your magistrates for this, not your PVA. Most of these officials are the same ones who did not want to raises the taxes on natural gas wells in this county but were happy to raise your taxes. So you can thank your judge and magistrate next election.

. Could someone tell me what happened the Bible bookstore that was in the little pink building as you go into Whitesburg? I don’t know what happened, but no one is there anymore. Please reply.

. I am one proud Letcher County boy here and I can honestly say that I know for sure my water bill isn’t going to go up — as long as there’s a drop of water in my well.

. What will make the Trumpeteers whine the most? That he lost to Hillary by almost three million votes or that last week the following were elected: The first Sikh mayor in U.S. history; the first Latinas in the Virginia State House; the first transgender state representative in U.S. history; the first trans person of color to a major city’s council, or the first African American woman mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina?

. I listen to Speak Your Pieces on WMMT-FM every week. When Wiley wanders off on his migrations it is the most enjoyable part of his program. In other words, when he meanders and talks about stuff that isn’t really pertinent but is entertaining and enlightening, it is very much appreciated.

. So glad to hear the old Daniel Boone Hotel is going to be renovated. It’s about time the city had a decent hotel. Thanks to all who are making this happen.

. To a certain woman: You have my man; I want him back. They don’t come like him anymore. I did him wrong; I am sorry for that. He found out certain things on me and now I am paying for it. You cannot have him. He is a good Christian man. He’s too good for you. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

. So, Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey say that Donald Trump doesn’t have their values. Well, he’s putting people back to work. What kind of shape was our country in before Donald Trump came in a year ago? I don’t know what kind of values these people have. He’s trying to protect the United States, trying to protect your families, and he’s trying to protect our soldiers. He’s doing a lot of wonderful work for the United States of America. Let me tell you something; the American people know what Mr. Trump is doing. No matter what the low media says, we know what Mr. Trump is doing. If you’ve

got any money on Wall Street you’ve watched it go up. That’s what it’s all about to you people, isn’t it, money? Our president is doing a wonderful job for America and don’t you every put him down. You’re the ones who caused this grief upon America in the first place for the last 20 years. Look back at the last four presidents and see which president has done more for America in one year. Something to think about, isn’t it? God bless our president; God bless the Republican Party, and God bless the Democrats who understand they have to work with him, not against him.

. Why don’t the Democrats in D.C. agree to anything?

. The county wants to raise our water bills to a minimum of 37 dollars a month. A lot of people I’ve talked to already had water bills of 19 and 20 dollars. Anyone interested in a community well is invited to meet with me at 4 p.m. Friday in the library in Whitesburg. We already have enough people interested in it that could keep it running for 40 dollars per household per year. The more people we get involved the cheaper that will be.

. I would like to know when AEP/Kentucky Power is going to give us Letcher County people a break. They say they have fewer customers, which means they should be having to put out less power, but yet they want a raise. AEP, we’re not going to lie down and eat this like a dog.

. Every week I read a comment in Speak Your Piece about pastors. The

Bible asks how you can love your brother who you have seen and love me who you haven’t seen. It also says love thy neighbor and love thy brother. How can you love either if you’re making comments about them every week? They have names for people like you — hypocrite.

. I would like to know what we’re going to do this winter. We already can barely afford to eat ramen noodles now; what are we going to do when our electric bills go so high? With that and everything else pinching at our hind-end we won’t have anything, not even a TV screen to look at. I don’t know what we’re going to do.

. It’s now Thursday at about 3:30 in the afternoon. I’m driving up Sandlick at 55 miles an hour with a school bus on my bumper pushing me. And I do see the heads of children on that bus.

. To the person who called in complaining about Jenkins Mayor Todd Depriest: I think he’s doing a great job as mayor in Jenkins. And the cop you mention, we need more like him given our drug problem. He’s just doing his job. And some people need to be harassed.

. People are going doorto door trying to sell things in this area. Be careful who let in to your home. Don’t just open your door to any stranger. There are a lot of scammers going door-todoor to see what you’ve got inside so they can come back and steal it.

. I just phoned in a comment about not letting strangers come into your home. There is no better way to let the public know about this than through Speak Your Piece. Thank you for giving us this forum to vent our frustrations and to get information out to the public.

. Since we are now going to have a needle exchange, do diabetics like me qualify? Needles are expensive. If you’re giving them away to people to prevent crime, why not give them to those people who need them as well? The bunch up there that are magistrates are dumber than toad frogs.

. I was out the other day and ran into a certain countywide office holder who was supposed to be friendly, or so people told me. This official acted more stuck-up than friendly. Thank you.

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