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Gabby’s fishing fever

The real smallmouth season is close

This is the time of year most normal people want to be inside and warm. But some not so normal anglers like me are thinking about a early winter smallmouth trip. e best smallmouth fishing

Th is during some of the coldest days of the year. Some of the old hardcore like me will brave the cold for a chance at a trophy smallmouth bass.

We are blessed to have several good to great smallmouth bass lakes within a few hours’ drive of us. My absolute favorite is Dale Hollow Lake on the Kentucky- Tennessee state line. I have fished this lake many a winter trip from late November till mid December and have never had a bad trip.

You can fish on both sides of the state line with a Kentucky or Tennessee fishing license in posted areas. This lake is world famous for smallmouth bass fishing and holds the current smallmouth world record.

When you’re looking for a winter smallmouth location on a lake to fish, you need to focus more on the type of bank you’re on more than the surrounding cover. Smallmouth will move around in early winter and follow shad schools around in open water and in and around creeks and just about anywhere. They love banks that have small pebble rocks on them like where crawdads might be found. This is one of their favorite foods so a crawdad jig is a top choice when fishing this type of area.

Smallmouth bass will feed in very shallow depths in winter and can be found very close to the surface at times.

If you can stand the cold to catch the fish of a lifetime, then the season is very close.

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