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Speak Your Piece

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Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Why was a now-former public official not forced to resign from offi ce when he was fired from his regular job a few years ago? This same ex-official is now running for office again; will his former employer bring charges against him this time?

. Mitch McConnell spent millions of dollars of special interest money to try to defeat Roy Moore in the Alabama primary election. Moore won anyway. Now Mitch is pulling out all stops to try to get rid of Roy Moore even if he wins the Senate seat.

. I wonder why the church bells in downtown Whitesburg don’t ring on time. I keep hearing the bells for the top of the hour and thinking, ‘it’s 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m. already?’ and then checking my phone to learn that it is about 13 minutes early. I guess I need to think of them as less of a clock and more of a warning that the hour is approaching.

. All you high and mighty men in Whitesburg who think you are so smart and so good looking and such a sex symbol had better be careful. There are people out there who can destroy you in a minute because of what you do.

. I want to speak my piece on the state of Jenkins, Kentucky. I have lived here off and on for all of my life, a total of 45 years. The downfall of Jenkins was Mountain Breeze Apartments, in other words ‘the projects.’ It started off OK up there, but things have really gone downhill. You also have a bad element of people making up a portion of the population there, including the druggies and the child neglecters. You also have poor treatment of animals by some there. Sometimes I think the whole place needs to be shut down to improve the viability of Jenkins. Thank you very much.

. The man who delivers the Lexington Herald-Leader

to Jenkins needs to let someone else do it. We get so weary and tired of not getting our paper.

. Happy birthday, Jon. If you were here I would sing to you. I hope you have the very best possible day ever. I hope you know you are loved more now than ever. It won’t be long and you will be home to live happily ever after again. Love you always — always have and always will. Your wife and kids.

. From reading The Mountain Eagle I see where some have filed to run for offices this coming May. I saw two names that made me laugh — Woody Holbrook and Codell Gibson running for magistrate in District 3. A has been and a never will be. Guys, nether of you have been seen past the Thornton bridge toward the upper end in three years. I and I’m sure many others are fed up with politicians period. I will never support or cast a vote for any person that is now or has in the past held an office in this county. I will be campaigning for a complete change in our county government from top to bottom. Yes, I will be out on the campaign trail asking folks to not vote for a politician. We need a fresh start with fresh leadership and let our votes tell the story. The right to vote is a privilege not known in many places around the world. We the people need to vote for ourselves, meaning let’s vote for what we want and need not what someone else wants us to have.

. Why in the world do the Republicans insist on screwing over 10 million people out of their health insurance so that rich people can get tax cuts? To prove how coldhearted they are? Satan laughs and Jesus weeps.

. Abraham Lincoln is one of my heroes. He was the first Republican president and one of his most famous quotes spoke of preserving a ‘government of the people, by the people, and for the people.’ The problem

is, both nationwide and in Kentucky, the current leadership of today’s Republican Party favors a government of the gullible, by the powerful, and for the richest one percent. Also, the largest block of their supporters want to tear our union into warring groups, based on skin color, sex, or religious belief. I’m not trying to get Republicans to change parties. I just want them to change their own party back to the one that places the concerns of the average citizen first, instead of handing our country over to the rich power-grabbers who currently are in control. Wake up.

. With the Hogg murder trial scheduled to start soon, let’s pray that justice will be done so that the people involved can go on with their lives.

. I want to say thank you to the Kentucky State Police and the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office for starting to crack down on our drug and thievery problem, especially on KY 1148.

. I don’t know why this certain couple is trying to fool people. I heard she kicked him out, and when I saw him he did look like an emotional wreck. But then I saw them at the Mexican restaurant celebrating their anniversary. Something is up, but it’s none of my business.

. Your child is bullying my child at school. With all kindness and love, I would advise you to get your child under control, because I am sick of this.

. I think that all politicians, all lawyers, all taxi drivers, and all cops need to be fed saltpeter when they are on duty.

. Hey, single from Isom, you pick the time and place. I’ll even come to Isom to meet you. This is Rhonda. Thank you.

. No wonder teachers live so long; they don’t do anything. They get all that big salary and don’t work but so many months out of the year. I think their pay should be cut. ( Here’s betting that you’ve never tried teaching in a classroom setting.)

. I’m wondering what’s really going on when we let animal parts from Africa, especially elephants, be imported to the United States. So we protect the whale, protect the seal, and shoot the elephant?

. Diversity. That’s a big word here in America. I hear that transgender people are being elected into our government. How can they make decisions when they don’t even know if they are male or female? I can’t understand this; that’s diversity here in the United States.

. Rumor has it the Letcher Fiscal Court is going to let the Neon Fire and Rescue start running Letcher Fire & Rescue. I think that’s a bad idea.

. If you’re hitting on young girls you’re a pervert. You can scar them for life. But some people just want their two minutes of fame while costing people their political careers. This has to be looked into. If a man hits on a woman and she says no, that means no. Keep your hands off her, idiot. Mr. Trump, you’re doing a fine job, and our government is doing a fine job to hold this democracy together.

. Why is it that a man with 15 years of working underground can draw $950 a month in black lung benefi ts, but I have 40 years in 30-inch coal and can’t even get the time of day? People, talk to me. Tell me what I’m doing wrong.

. I would like to ask the power company one question: Why is it our power bill keeps going up and up when we’re not even home

to cook anything and we don’t cook when we are home? People in Letcher County are starving to death right now because of the high power bills. The power bills need to be going down instead of up.

. I would like to tell a certain blonde from Pine Creek that when she presents herself as a meth head, prostitute type person hanging around a meth trailer, she is presumed to be a meth head herself. And to sit back and say you are not selling dope is a lie. You deserve everything that comes your way. Who I feel sorry for is the two children.

. I would like to know how some people in Letcher County have been able to get away with driving around on Tennessee tags for many years. They must know someone.

. To Rhonda: I was there to see you, but I didn’t speak to you because I was too shy. Please be there at the same place at the same time and I will talk to you and get to know you.

. I have a business. If I schedule an appointment with a customer at 9:15 I am going to be there at 9:15. Hospitals are businesses. They need customers, yet they don’t adhere to standard business practices. I had a 9:15 appointment with a cardiologist. After waiting 45 minutes I asked to reschedule, as I have a job that requires me to be there at a specific time. Apparently this concept is foreign to this certain hospital, as the next available appointment is in two months. What service. I’ll find some other hospital that wants my business.

. To a certain person: You cannot stand it because it

wasn’t another man and it wasn’t jealousy. It was just you.

. To Captain D: You are sticking your nose into my friend’s personal business. You know who you are. You are going to get hurt and get hurt bad. You don’t know me, but I know you and I know where you live. You better quit, old boy. Your choice.

. I would love to see some man from the Jenkins, Neon and McRoberts area run for county judge. We would have a good county judge if we could get a person from that area.

. I just got through reading my Mountain Eagle, which I enjoy very much, especially Speak Your Piece. There were two comments in there that were very informative. One was about the Jenkins School System. Whoever wrote that did a good thing. The other was about our mayor of Jenkins, who will promise you anything to get a vote. Also, I hope that some other candidates file to run for magistrate of District Five.

. I am writing concerning the accusations of Roy Moore. He is one of the greatest leaders our nation has, because he stands for what is right. I would like to say to Mr. Mitch McConnell that the people voted for Roy Moore and Mr. Roy Moore is innocent until proven guilty. I would not put it past the low-life Republican Party

itself for starting rumors. We the people voted for Trump. We the people are sick of both the Democrats and the low-life Republicans. We the people elect our nation’s leaders not you ungodly lawmakers. It would be good for our nation if both parties would resign, the lying Democrats and coward Republicans. When we the people elect a person in the Republican Party then you Republicans need to get behind who we elect, or we may vote you out next time, Mr. McConnell.

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