Layoffs affect 85 coal miners here

Arch Coal, Inc. said layoffs affecting 85 hourly and salaried miners at its Letcher County operations are the result of the “global economic crisis.” On May 14, the St. Louis-based company gave letters to 66 hourly and 15 salaried employees at its Cumberland River Coal Co. operations here telling them their jobs would end immediately. Arch also said it would […]

Political Cartoon

Obama moving to the center on some issues

WASHINGTON On both economic and national security fronts, President Barack Obama is giving ground and crossing swords with political allies. Caught in the worst economic downturn in generations, Obama has had to temper his stance on trade and lower his expectations for trimming charitable tax breaks for the wealthy and for taxing greenhouse-gas polluters. He’s not the first president to […]

Obama scores at Notre Dame

WASHINGTON Facing down protesters who didn’t want him there, President Obama fought back at Notre Dame not with harsh words but with the most devastating weapons in his political arsenal: a call for “open hearts,” “open minds,” “fair-minded words,” and a search for “common ground.” There were many messages sent from South Bend on Sunday. Obama’s opponents seek to reignite […]

The Speaker speaks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now claiming that intelligence officials misled her about the use of waterboarding when she was briefed in 2002. Previously, it was reported that she, as the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee at the time, had been told about waterboarding as an interrogation technique and had raised no objections to it — a claim that […]

New standards for credit-card decency

The Senate this week passed a bill to put a leash on the nastiest credit-card company tactics. Lenders warn that changing the rules will make it harder for people to get credit. And a good thing that will be. Rest assured, we’ll all adjust. The House has already passed its own credit-card legislation, and it, too, will curb some of […]

New coach named

The new head basketball coach at Letcher County Central High School said he came to Whitesburg for the opportunity to work in school administration, be competitive and to be closer to family. Robert Hammonds, 36, said he left West Jessamine High School because of the “opportunity to be in administration and (Letcher Central) being a new school and being able […]

Water board left without acting boss

The already-rudderless Letcher County Water & Sewer District is now without an acting captain. Jim Murtaugh, who for many years had overseen many of the Water & Sewer District’s day-to-day tasks, had been the district’s interim director since former director Greg Pridemore left last year to take a job with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Agency. On April […]

Fiscal court taking look at ‘last house’ road rule

The Letcher Fiscal Court is taking action to determine which county-maintained rural roads can legally be paved all the way to the last house on the route. Paving public roads only to the point where they lead to the “last house in the hollow” has been a subject of controversy in Letcher County for many years. The issue came up […]

The way we were

Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

May 21, 1959 Both major Democratic candidates for governor will be in Letcher County Saturday as the state primary campaign draws to a close. Lt. Gov. Harry Lee Waterfield will speak in Whitesburg at 11 a.m. and in Jenkins at 7 p.m. Bert T. Combs will speak in Jenkins at 11 a.m. and at the Isom stockyards at 1 p.m. […]