A brief lesson on working wear for working men

To state the obvious: I am not a man. So I don’t know what it feels like to be a guy who makes his living wearing a hard hat and flannel shirts. I do, however, know what this sort of person looks like, as I am the daughter of just such a man. After seeing a couple of recent political […]


The Shadow Class War of 2010


The 2010 election is turning into a class war. The wealthy and the powerful started it. This is a strange development. President Obama, after all, has been working overtime to save capitalism. Wall Street is doing just fine and the rich are getting richer again. The financial reform bill passed by Congress was moderate, not radical. Nonetheless, corporations and affluent […]

Bleeding in Afghanistan

Are you aware that America has now been at war for nearly a decade? We’ve been fighting, bleeding and dying in two hellacious, multitrillion-dollar conflagrations since 2001 — and our blood continues to flow, with no end in sight. Well, not our blood. Not yours and mine. We continue to go about our daily routines — go to work, go […]

The demand for clean energy

Those orange fireballs you see in the news are NATO oil tankers exploding along the Khyber Pass. Afghani insurgents regard convoys bringing fuel to American fighters as easy marks. The trucks go slow and, once hit, blow up. The U.S. military has a solution: Switch away from inflammable fossil fuels. The Defense Department has accelerated a program to develop portable […]

Get some power behind your flush

Car Talk

Dear Tom and Ray: Hi, guys! I have a 2006 Toyota RAV4 that was due recently for the 60,000-mile maintenance. Toyota recommends that the transmission fluid be checked, but I told the independent shop that since it had never been changed (I bought it with about 20,000 miles), they should go ahead and change it. They called me later that […]

The way we were

Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years October 13, 1960 Whitesburg Fire Chief Remious Day said the Whitesburg High School and grade school are “in a lot better shape than they have ever been before” in regard to fire protection.  The Whitesburg City Council has adopted a new occupational license which will charge coal mines […]

Salome’s Stars

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You might be growing impatient with a situation that seems to resist efforts to resolve it. But staying with it raises the odds that you’ll find a way to a successful resolution. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Travel and kinship are strong in the Bovine’s aspect this week. This would be a good […]


RECAPS – 10/11-15 ALL MY CHILDREN Æ Scott confessed that they’d stolen Palmer’s idea. Caleb won full custody of AJ for Marissa while the court contemplated the boy’s future. Ryan told Annie she needed to be more available for Emma. Caleb agreed to team with Erica in the running of Cortlandt. Jackson turned down Liza’s plea offer for Greenlee. Caleb […]

Now here’s a tip

• If you are whipping fresh cream, make sure you chill bowls, beaters and cream before starting. Get them good and cold. It will give the best results. • This is a great recipe for deer repellent: Mix up hot peppers, garlic cloves, liquid soap and water. Spray your plants with the mixture. It will not hurt the plants, but […]

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