Hazard Community And Technical College Vacancy

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Hazard Community And Technical College Staff Vacancy Department Assistant II – UCM Serve as the department assistant for the Uni-versity Center of the Mountains. Will assist with creation of advising pathways; manage transfer/career web pages; draft AA/AS graduation plans; provide front line customer service to students in the UCM area; coordination/schedul-ing of activities and events within the UCM and HCTC spaces and supervise UCM student workers. Quali cations: Associate degree plus 2 years related experience, or equivalent. Minimum Salary: $2,544.00/month. Information Technology Assistant (Lees Campus) Provide technical as-sistance to students, faculty, and staff on technology related issues with various methods of troubleshooting. Maintain network communication with all networks attached devices within the local area network through methods of trouble-shooting. Provide training for Students, Faculty, and Staff on technology related topics. Provides technical support for teleconferencing at the college. Quali - cations: High school diploma/GED plus 1 year related experience or equivalent. Minimum Salary: $2,544.00/month. Deadline to apply: June 6, 2021. Ap-plicants may apply and obtain additional information at www.hazard.kctcs.edu (Click on JobSeekers) For questions, call 606-487-3111. Minorities are encour-aged to apply. HCTC is an equal opportunity employer and education institution.
Phone: (606) 487-3111
Website: https:// careers.kctcs.edu/search-jobs

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