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Hazard Community And Technical College Faculty Vacancy Agriculture Instructor (10 month con-tract) Development of Agriculture Program which includes developing curriculum, set up of labs, teaching classes, recruiting students for the program, and working with community partners on facilities and space. Serves as program coordinator for the Agriculture Program. Serve as an advisor. Teach classes such as AGR 160, AGR 260, AGR 270 and AGR 170. NOTE: This position is grant funded. Quali cations: Bachelor and/or master’s degree preferred with a minimum two years work experience in the eld. Alterna-tively to a bachelor’s and master’s degree, faculty could have a minimum of two years work experience in the eld with appropri-ate current credential or certi cation OR faculty could have an associate degree and demonstrated competencies in the teaching discipline OR faculty could have a credential from a vocational/technical school and demonstrated competencies in the teaching discipline OR faculty could have a secondary occupational certi cate in the eld OR faculty could have docu-mented work experience OR experience equivalents may be evaluated by peers in the profession to ensure competencies of the faculty members. The successful candidate must possess computer skills necessary to teach online classes given adequate training and direction. Salary: Commensurate with education and/or experience. Deadline to apply: April 11, 2021. Ap-plicants may apply and obtain additional information at www.hazard.kctcs.edu (Click on JobSeekers) For questions, call 606-487-3111. Minorities are encouraged to apply. HCTC is an equal opportunity employer and education institution.
Phone: (606) 487-3111

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