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Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation Whitesburg Medical Clinic 226 Medical Plaza Lane Whitesburg, KY We are currently in phases 1A and 1B meaning the vaccine is open to anyone over the age of 70, those in or working for long term care facilities or assisted living facilities, healthcare personnel, . rst responders, K-12 school personnel and child-care workers. If you have any questions or to register for your vaccination, please call our COVID-19 vaccine hotline at 606-633-6081 or visit our website at to register now. COVID-19 Vaccination Registration: COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Hotline: 606-633-6081 “Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation healthcare providers have taken their COVID-19 vaccine, now we want you to be protected like we are. So get COVID-19 Vaccinated!” – Dr. Van Breeding, M.D, Director of Clinical Affairs.
Phone: (606) 633-6081

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