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NOTICE OF INTENTION TO MINE Application Number 898-0971 In accordance with the provisions of 405 KAR 16:120, Section 3, Premier Elkhorn Coal, LLC 6920 HWY 610 W. Jenkins, KY 41537, (606) 639- 0933 proposed the following blasting schedule for Permit Number 898-0971. The site consists of approximately 637.72 surface acres located 2.2 miles east of Etty in Pike and Letcher County, Kentucky. The area is located approximately 0.4 miles west of Beefhide County Road’s intersection with US Route 23 and located on Beefhide Creek. The latitude is 37° 14’ 55”. The longitude is 82° 39’ 21”. Blasting may be conducted daily, between sunrise and sunset. Blasting will not be conducted at times different from those given above except in emergency situations where rain, lightning, other atmospheric conditions, or operator or public safety requires unscheduled detonation. Flag-men shall be safely stationed on public roadways within 1,000 feet of the blast permimeter so as to stop traffi c during blasting operations. Prior to these detonations a visual inspection of the blast area will be conducted. This inspection will ensure that no humans, livestock, equipment or vehicles are present. Prior to detonation of the blast the following audible warning will be given: Five (5) minutes prior to blast, a one (1) minute series of three (3) long sounds of a siren; One (1) minute prior to the blast a series of three (3) short sounds of a siren. The all-clear signal after the blast will be: One (1) prolonged blast of a siren. Also prior to detonations in emergency situations, the permittee, using audible signals, shall notify all persons within one half (1/2) mile of the blasting site. All of the warning and all clear signals will be audible within a range of one half (1/2) mile from the point of the blast.
Phone: 867-0538

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