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My name is Cheryl Preece and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2019. It started with a routine screening that produced inconclusive results. Pikeville Medical Center was not satisfied and, as a precaution, scheduled me for further testing. I’m so glad they did because, at that point, my cancer diagnosis was confirmed. From the beginning, I was surrounded by a team that took amazing care of me. From my oncologist, Dr. Vickie Morgan, to the surgeons who performed my mastectomy and reconstruction within just one procedure, to the caring staff that administered my chemotherapy... I cannot imagine having received better or more compassionate care anywhere else. I am so thankful to everyone. Today, I have no evidence of cancer. Pikeville Medical Center Is Here for You, Too (606) 430-2212 | pikevillehospital.org My Amazing Cancer Care Thank You Leonard Lawson Cancer Center
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