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TOGETHER WE FIGHT CANCER Oncology physicians are experts in the fight against cancer. They don’t do it alone. Pikeville Medical Center’s oncology team is backed by the full support of multi-disciplinary specialists starting at the time of a patient’s diagnosis and throughout the course of care. From general, urologic and reconstructive surgeons, to pulmonologists, radiologists, specialty pharmacists and more, Pikeville Medical Center surrounds patients with the individualized care needed to optimize outcomes in the battle against cancer. We Are Here for You (606) 430-2212 | pikevillehospital.org Experts Backed by a Multi-Disciplinary Team Mohamed El Dinali, MD; Vicki Morgan, MD; Chris Coot, MD; Mohamed Khasawneh, MD Leonard Lawson Cancer Center
Phone: (606) 437-7355
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Website: pikevillehospital.org

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