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10 Tips for Making Exercise a Habit



Exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You
probably know the importance of exercise to your good
health, but finding the time to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle

is often a problem. Here are 10 easy tips to help make
exercise a part of your daily life.

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Stair climbing
is a good aerobic exercise.

2. Play with the kids. Play catch, tag or even ping-pong
for 30 minutes. The most important thing is getting off the
couch and getting the family involved.

3. Take a walk at lunch. If the weather is bad, go to a
local, indoor mall.

4. Park far away. Whether you are running errands or
parking at work, pick the furthest spot possible to increase
your walk back and forth.

5. Use TV commercials as exercise time. Don’t switch
channels when the commercials come on, instead lift light,
handheld weights, see how many sit-ups you can do until
the program comes back on or try marching in place. These
can all be done while watching TV also, not just during the
commercial breaks!

6. Enlist a pal’s help. You are more likely to make exercise
a habit if you have a support system of friends and family.

7. Wear a pedometer. Knowing how many steps you take
per day will encourage you to add more steps each day. For
a great walking program, check out the American Diabetes
Association’s “Club Ped” at www.diabetes.org/ClubPed/

8. Pace while you talk on the phone. Today’s cordless
and cell phones are perfect for getting in some steps while
exercising your mouth.

9. Set a timer. If you sit for great lengths of time at work,
set a timer to remind you to stretch, walk around and even
do mini-exercises in your chair every 20 minutes.

10. Can’t find time during the day? Then start the day
earlier! Exercising is a natural way to boost your energy
levels; consider it a healthier alternative to that morning cup
of coffee. Exercise combined with a healthy diet, can help
you control your diabetes and improve your overall health.
Adding just one of these tips to your day is an easy way to
get started.

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