Whitesburg KY

131 turkeys taken so far

Letcher County hunters appear poised to best harvest more wild turkeys than in recent spring hunting seasons.

As of April 28, 11 days into the 23-day spring season, hunters here had taken 131 wild turkeys, all but two of them female. With 12 days remaining in the season, hunters in Letcher County are expected to best last spring’s harvest of 194 turkeys.

Pulaski County remains the top wild turkey hunting area in Kentucky’s southeast region, as 359 turkeys have already been harvested this season. That means Pulaski, whose county seat is Somerset, should easily best last year’s take of 522 wild turkeys.

In neighboring counties, hunters so far have killed 163 turkeys in Perry County, 140 turkeys in Knott County, and 121 in Harlan County.

Meanwhile, what is believed to be the largest ever wild turkey recorded was killed last week in western Kentucky.

Cody Guess is waiting for word from the National Wild Turkey Federation to officially announce that the 37.6-pound tom he shot on his family’s farm in Lyon County last week is indeed the world’s largest turkey, reports The Lake News of Calvert City, located in the state’s Jackson Purchase region.

The current record is 36 pounds.

Guess’s turkey “has spurs that measured one and onequarter inches in length and its beard measured in at nine and three-quarter inches,” the News reports.

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